Alize Cornet followed a tennis rule that her male counterparts stretch all the time, and got penalized for it. 

@alissawarren, tweeting about the U.S. Open penalizing French tennis player Alize Cornet for quickly turning her top around at the back of the court during her Tuesday match. Tennis fans, including British player Andy Murray’s mother, noted that male players often sit shirtless without a violation. The U.S. Tennis Association later revoked the penalty.    

This game is for all of us who want to get our frustrations out goose-style. 

House House

@zach_hazard, on developer House House’s new game, currently only referred to as the “Untitled Goose Game.” In it, players control a trouble-making goose who goes around a peaceful village stealing items and “generally ruining everyone’s day,” according to Nintendo Insider. The game will be available in 2019 on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

Richard Nixon’s sweating during his debate with John F. Kennedy is literally legendary, so why is Cynthia Nixon trying to turn up the heat?

Getty Images

@AshleySemlerBBC, on reports that actress Cynthia Nixon, the only challenger to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, requested that the temperature in the hall for their debate Wednesday night be set to 76 degrees. Studies have shown that room temperatures are usually set for the comfort of men wearing suits.

Yeah, this winter-weather ready meme is pretty applicable right now. 

@rimshoto, contributing to the latest viral internet meme with a GIF of “Game of Thrones” character Jon Snow, widely known for his heavy, winter-ready attire. The “really start dressin’” meme is a response to the country’s high temperatures and oppressive humidity in the past week, which have left many impatiently awaiting colder seasons.

Here’s hoping for a future where the unfortunate with … inappropriate last names can register on websites. 

@philip_sporn, responding to a tweet from SB Nation reporter Natalie Weiner, who — because of her last name — was met with a red “offensive language” message on a website when trying to register. After Weiner tweeted out a pic of the message, people with similarly “offensive” last names tweeted her their own stories.