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The combat choreographer for "The Comedy of Errors" talks about how a good kick in the butt really brings the laughs.

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Want to be moved by a site-specific art installation? You don't have to stand in line at the Hirshhorn, just pay a visit to your local, world-class cathedral.

In "New Worlds" at Strathmore on Friday, Jan Vogler leads a trio that accompanies Bill Murray's tour of American literature, poetry and song.

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Plus, the Houston Astros support a young fan who was chastised for cheering.

Grab tickets to these events before they sell out!

Looking to catch a concert? There's no shortage of options this week.

Ideas for the Stanley Cup champion's perfect day include a trip to Georgetown, a concert at The Anthem and dinner downtown.

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Plus, Kawhi Leonard laughs and proves he's 100% a robot.

Plus, Dr. Andrea advises a reader who feels jealous over her husband's renewed relationship with his high school sweetheart.

Saturday's auditions weren't quite business as usual.

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