Indies and Arties: In Between Days

WHO ARE WE at work when we’re not working? Experimental filmmaker Sharon Lockhart took years to find out, training her camera on the employees of Bath Iron Works in Maine as they rest their feet, open a book, stop for lunch, talk together or just enjoy the quiet in a corridor within the shipmaking plant. […]

Indies and Arties: When Birds Attack

WHAT IS IT about flying things that gives humans the willies? The maker of “Birdemic” adds another twist to the genre of avian fears come squawkingly true, talons and all. On Friday and Saturday at midnight, E Street Cinema screens James Nguyen‘s 2008 shocker about a flock of eagles and vultures that preys on the […]

Looking Inward: Korean Film Festival DC

THE FREER GALLERY’s Korean Film Fest D.C. is always a welcome event, in part because South Korean directors are making some of the most unusual, arresting and assured films in the world righta now. But South Korean movies have a reputation. It’s not untrue that elaborately violent flicks pour out of the country at a […]

Indies and Arties: Film, Italian Style

AFI SILVER CELEBRATES an auteur who needs no introduction. Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini — mid-century master of scathing social satire, gentle absurdism, scorching romance and mind-bending surrealism — is the focus of a showcase featuring some old favorites and some rarities. Catch the 1957 masterpiece “Nights of Cabiria” Saturday, Sunday or Thursday; and check out […]

Indies and Arties: A New Look at Kazan

POLITICALLY PROBLEMATIC filmmaker Elia Kazan gets his day in the sun at AFI Silver beginning on Saturday when “A Centennial Retrospective” kicks off with 10 of his muscular, accomplished films on offer. First up is the critically loved but underseen “A Face in the Crowd,” a painfully keen satire of the American political process and […]

About Raining, Cats and Dogs

WHY IS THE sight of an animal in distress sometimes more heartbreaking than watching a human suffer? We’re not cold-blooded (although we hate to see a lizard in pain), but creatures without agency helpless against powerful forces provoke strong feelings of pity and dismay. So be aware that even those less susceptible to puppy- and […]

Indies & Arties: Frozen in Time

CULTURES, TRADITIONS AND political priorities may differ, but Olympic fever is universal. For a different take on what lengths a nation will go to in order to look like winners in time for the games, see Philipp Stoltz‘s “North Face,” opening on Friday. The film is a fictionalized re-creation of a horrific actual event — […]

When a Language Goes Viral: 'Pontypool'

POOR GRANT MAZZY (Stephen McHattie). He’s grizzled and whiskey-voiced, a DJ whose show has proved to be too hot for any radio station in Canada to handle. Only the tiny station in Pontypool, Ontario, which broadcasts from a church basement, will take on the cynical cowboy of the airwaves. But his first day at his […]

Indies & Arties: Clint — He's Flinty

FUNNY WHAT A few years, a handful of Oscars and the use of the word “flinty” in his description will do to a man. Former Hollywood pretty boy and fairly wooden actor Clint Eastwood is now one of the industry’s Grand Old Men and well decorated for it. AFI Silver tips a hat to all […]