Indies & Arties: Ravished in Roma

SURE, YOU COULD slush down to the multiplex and pay a fortune to see what critics seem to agree is another lackluster contemporary romantic comedy called “When in Rome.” Or you could get thee to AFI Silver, which for a few magical weeks a year is transformed into the most romantic place in the area, […]

Spring Arts Preview 2010: Pages

LOOKING FOR FOOD for thought? Why, the metro area will be a veritable banquet of brainy ideas and brilliant words this season. Old books and concepts get a fresh look, environmentalism gets a hearing, and new novels get a boost. Plus, we threw in some bugs. You’re welcome. PETER MATTHIESSEN: COLD CASES In the travel […]

Indies and Arties: In the Tank for Arnold

BRITISH FILMAKER ANDREA ARNOLD won an Oscar for her short, “Wasp,” and the Cannes Jury award for each of her features, “Red Road” and this year’s “Fish Tank.” Young actress Katie Jarvis caused a stir with her debut performance in “Fish Tank” as an angry, unfocused teenager drawn to her mother’s new boyfriend, who’s … […]

Indies and Arties: Older But Sexier

IF IT WALKS and talks like a “Sexy Beast,” it’s from the same writer. The British import “44-Inch Chest,” opening on Friday, stars Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dillane and John Hurt, so you can guess there’s kitchen-sink atmosphere, crimejinks and lots and lots of cursing. » E Street Cinema, 555 11th St. […]

Indies and Arties: Thenkyuhverymuch

THE NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY is all shook up over Elvis Presley this month — make that this year. In addition to its two portrait exhibitions — “One Life: Echoes of Elvis,” currently up, and “Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer,” opening in October — the gallery is hosting a Saturday Elvis-palooza. “Elvis Is in […]

Indies and Arties: Adrift, With Rifts

WITH HIS FILMS “After Life” and “Nobody Knows,” Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda has proven his talent for wringing maximum drama and emotion from a quiet camera, minimalist dialogue and serenely devastating scenarios. In “Still Walking,” screening on Wednesday at the Japan Information and Culture Center, depicts three generations of a family who come together for […]

Harajuku's Posers and Players: 'Harajuku Japanese Street'

“You got the wicked style,” Gwen Stefani sang in 2004. How right she was. No style slouch herself, Stefani spotted the meticulously calculated frippery among sets and subsets of costume-loving young people as a trend that would extend its frilly tentacles into high the world of couture and influence outrageousness in other cultures. But Japan […]

Indies and Arties: Bridges' Troubled Water

ONE OF THE greatest acting talents in America, Jeff Bridges, stars in “Crazy Heart.” First-time writer-director Scott Cooper‘s drama opens on Friday at the two local Landmark Theatres. Bridges plays Bad Blake, a washed-up country singer with mountains of talent and molehills of success, whose career limps along while that of his protege (Colin Farrell) […]

There's No Place Like Homies: Wale

ANY DISCUSSION ABOUT D.C. rapper Wale begins with the lament, “Why hasn’t D.C. hip-hop exploded?” Yeah, well, don’t look to us for the answer; we still don’t know. But hip-hop heads of tha DMV (that’s District, Maryland, Virginia) rally behind the ferociously talented musician even if Wale can’t catch a national-level break. After all, one […]