Indies & Arties: Passion and Process

IN A LONELY PLACE In Pedro Almodovar‘s twisty, passionate latest film, “Broken Embraces,” Penelope Cruz shimmers through embodiments of screen goddesses past. She plays an actress who attracts the obsessive interest of a filmmaker (Lluis Homar). The fictional director unspools his history with the equine beauty, eventually revealing the incident that led to his isolation […]

Indies & Arties: Let's Get 'Serious'

THE END OF THE year is a time to look back, so taking in a screening of the new Joel and Ethan Coen film might be just the nostalgia-inducing event the not-so-sentimental film fan requires. “A Serious Man” is set in 1967 and follows the spiritual angst of Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg) as he struggles […]

Indies & Arties: Creatures, Dudes, Robo-Vampires

SAY ‘AWWWW’ It’s the holiday season and time once again for threats: You’d better watch out; he sees you when you’re sleeping; and our favorite — you will have your heart warmed by a movie featuring fuzzy little creatures. Or else. AFI Silver aids in this endeavor by screening “Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas” — Jim […]

Pleasure at Her Majesty's: 'The Secret Policeman's Ball' Film Festival at AFI Silver

Eccentric Humor The singularly British nuttiness that was “The Secret Policeman’s Ball” was brought about by Monty Python’s John Cleese and featured a parade of high wit, style and absurdity. The 1976 film directed by Roger Graef captured a live performance (and rehearsals and interstitial silliness) staged for an Amnesty International benefit and included sketches […]

Indies & Arties: Call to Action and Education

WILD RUNNING Local movie screens are full of nutty people, but none quite so unfathomable as the three fellows who “star” in the documentary “Running the Sahara.” Executive producer Matt Damon narrates this story of three ultramarathoners who log 50 miles a day over a 100-day span across the Sahara Desert. But the film isn’t […]

Indies & Arties: Marilyn and the Blues

LET IT ALL OUT With Thanksgiving looming, we all try to get along with our loved ones. It’s best not to reveal that Cousin Joe likes to wear ladies’ dainties, or to greet the mother in law by swinging an ax at her door and bellowing, “I’m home!” So AFI Silver offers the family-frustrated a […]

Runway Jury: It's Over, Johnny

PWEVIOUSWY ON PWOJECT WUNWAY: Blah, blah pretty dresses, crazy dresses, auf, auf, auf, Irina, Carol Hannah, Althea. We open in the golden light of the girls’ apartment, where Carol Hannah tries to brush her teeth while Althea and Irina gossip about her over breakfast. Althea informs Irina that “Carol Hannah got really sick last night” […]

Family History: 'Traces of the Trade'

A PAINFUL INHERITANCE The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture takes over the National Museum of American History’s Carmichael Auditorium on Saturday to present a screening of “Traces of the Trade.” For this documentary, filmmaker Katrina Browne and nine of her relatives delve into their family’s painful history, tracing their ancestors, the […]

Runway Jury: Chicks Fileted

FOR ANYONE WHO isn’t past caring about which giggly scissor-monkey will take the big prize, we’re going to plunge boldly into the first part of the season finale. But a warning: It’s as boring as the previous episodes, only with a higher percentage of pretty girls. And we only see Heidi for a minute. So, […]