In on The Yolk: Kitchen Gadgets for a Better Egg

WE HAVE EGGS on the brain, thanks to this weekend’s Easter holiday. (Huge chocolate rabbits also hop through our mind lately, thanks to a certain basket-wielding bunny.) But whether you prefer yours dyed, decorated and carefully hidden — or just adorning the top of an overladen brunch plate — there are plenty of ways to […]

What Would Claudia Wear?: 'The Babysitters Club: The Summer Before'

CALL ME HOPELESSLY nostalgic, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge a major event happening this week: the release of “The Baby-Sitters Club: The Summer Before” ($17, Scholastic). A prequel to the long-running book series — a seminal part of my mid-’80s childhood — follows the earnest middle school sitters in their delightfully lo-fi […]

Gym Dandified: Sophisticated Sweats

THE NATURAL HABITAT of thick, gray jersey used to be running trails and dorm room sofas. But thanks to designers such as fleece-loving dress sculptor Norma Kamali and indie darling Alexander Wang (who reinvented work-it-out wear as party-worthy dresses and pants this season), the charcoal cotton now punches up pieces better suited to a K […]

Warming Trends: Spring Fashion Faux Pas

TO THE GOOD citizens of D.C.: Spring has arrived in our fair city, and along with it come cherry blossoms, legions of confused tourists and a list of seasonal fashion faux pas so long it could probably fill three columns. We shall shorten it to the most serious offenses, spotted in just the past week. […]

To Beat the Bland: Fashion at the Oscars

AFTER A LONG, late Oscar night, I met a friend Monday for caffeine and a recap. We covered the highs (Sandy Bullock, so cute) and the lows (Why was George Clooney acting like a jerky jock in a high school assembly?). And then, the big question: “Who,” my pal asked, “wins Best Dressed?” Pause. Long […]

So Long, Style?: The White House Loses a Woman Who Isn't Afraid to Be Stylish

THE ONGOING FALLOUT from Gatecrashgate — which I think we ought to rename Tackygate, because, frankly, that’s what the Salahis’ behavior was — continued this week when beleaguered White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, above, announced her resignation. Rogers has been vilified for mingling with guests instead of manning the door when the Salahis dropped […]

Chilly Wintour: 'The September Issue,' Vogue's Anna Wintour

VOGUE EDITOR ANNA Wintour is oft vilified for her ice queen persona and — thanks to a deliciously frosty performance by Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada” — unrivaled ranking as World’s Bitchiest Boss. But while Wintour’s withering gaze can make even the most lauded designer quake in his Gucci loafers, she’s recently begun […]