Beauty Royalty: Jemma Kidd, Makeup Artist

BRITISH-BORN MAKEUP pro Jemma Kidd boasts a glam background (younger sis Jodie Kidd is a supermodel; husband Arthur Mornington is English royalty), but she’s made her name helping regular women look their best. In addition to three makeup lines (including the JK brand, available at Target stores), Kidd recently released a lush-yet-accessible how-to book, “Jemma […]

Pack Rats Like Us: Lindsay Lohan 'Cleans House'

AS SOMETHING OF an inveterate pack rat (example: I finally just purged 10 years’ worth of fash mags from my bedroom), I never miss an episode of the Style Network’s “Clean House” (weeknights, 10 p.m.) and the somewhat more sobering “Hoarders” on A&E (Mon., 10 p.m.). It’s reassuring to know my own shoe fixations aren’t […]

Drag's Reigning Queen: RuPaul

SINCE HE FIRST announced, “You better work!” drag diva RuPaul has been doing just that. The singer and host of Logo network hit “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (Mon., 9 p.m.), now in its second season, has just released a book, “Workin’ It” ($20, It Books). In the dishy tome, he reveals his style secrets (temporary face-lift […]

Superstitions Worth Sampling: Chinese New Year Treats

THE DRAGON DANCE might steal the spotlight, but come on: Celebrating the Chinese New Year — the Year of the Tiger begins Feb. 14 — is really about the food. “This is a holiday that’s centered around the kitchen,” says Eileen Yin-Fei Lo, author of the encyclopedic “Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking” ($50, Chronicle). […]

Heaven or Kell: Bravo's 'Kell on Earth'

HOLLYWOOD INSISTS ON portraying the fashion industry as Disneyland with designer clothes, where any fledgling designer can nab a meeting with a top Bergdorf buyer (“The City“) and it rains free Chanel on assistants (“The Devil Wears Prada“). Which is what makes Bravo’s “Kell on Earth” (Mon., 10 p.m.), the new reality show following grizzled […]

Diary of a Mad Hoarder: Uncluttering Your Life

THE WAKE-UP CRASH came when my closet collapsed. The rod, sagging for weeks, finally snapped with a dramatic, defeated WHOMP, spewing a haul of clothing (plus handbags and vintage hats from the shelf above) into the hallway. In a flash, it dawned on me that I had a problem (cue the “Hoarders” theme). My closet […]

Warped Reality: Heidi Montag's Super Surgeries

THE BIG, RED blemish on television’s complexion is the reality celebrity. These rabid fame-seekers — yes, you, Tila Tequila, the Kardashian sisters, Jon Gosselin — earned their notoriety (and tabloid covers) for a willingness to air their messy lives (and, often, their lack of underwear) to the world. Then, in order to stay in the […]

Inaugural Darling: Jason Wu, Fashion Designer

ONE YEAR AGO this week, a white gown dotted with milky flowers elevated 27-year-old Jason Wu from up-and-coming designer to fashion star. Michelle Obama‘s inaugural ball gown isn’t yet enshrined in the Smithsonian alongside the other first ladies’ finery, but the Taipei-born, New York-based Wu has definitely become a part of fashion history. » EXPRESS: […]

Talk Your Way To a Better Brew: Speak n' Brew Coffee Maker

WE’VE GOTTEN USED to conversing with — and occasionally yelling at — computerized voices. (Hello, annoying GPS chick, cloying “Amtrak Julie” and unhelpful automated bank agent.) So, the idea of dealing with another disassociated robot, the virtual barista inside the Speak n’ Brew coffeemaker ($80), initially sounded like a bizarre way to schedule a bean […]