Price Point: Capital Hill vs. Logan Circle

Capitol Hill Rowhouse: $1,295,000 128 D St. SE The purchaser of this rowhouse might do well to rent the basement and above-garage carriage house apartments for extra cash to rid the house of some stylistic trappings from past decades (such as outdated bathroom wallpaper and bright-red staircase carpeting). Located in the shadow of the Library […]

Price Point: Mount Vernon Square vs. Near Northeast

Mount Vernon Square Condo: $442,500 1001 L St. NW #911 This one-bedroom, one-bathroom penthouse on the ninth floor of a Quincy Park condo building offers a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding neighborhood. South- and west-facing windows line the living room, which opens to a small balcony. Pale sage walls with olive trim, track lighting and […]

The Three King Cakes: Celebrate Mardi Gras at Bayou Bakery, Patisserie Poupon and La Flor de Puebla'

A homage to the three biblical kings who visited the baby Jesus at birth, the king cake attributes its origins to the Christian tradition. Thankfully, the only beliefs necessary for a righteous dessert experience this Mardi Gras (March 8), are a devotion to food-coloring, sugar and worship of carbohydrates. The brioche-like ring customarily enjoyed by […]

Lucrative New Life for the Obsolete: House Flippers Are Back Post-Bubble

Standing on a sloping, Astroturfed porch in the historic section of Anacostia, David Garber pries a plywood board off a gaping doorway and enters a crumbling rowhouse. Inside the cave-like interior, chunks of ceiling and debris litter the floor, and a hole in the wall forms an eerie portal to the equally dilapidated townhouse next […]

Price Point: Trinidad vs. Southwest

Trinidad Townhouse: $299,976 1316 Florida Ave. NE For buyers looking to paint the town red, this three-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom rowhouse is only steps from H Street. Future owners might consider buying white paint for their house, though, since the kitchen and bathroom walls (and a tiled, sealed-off fireplace) are various hues of pink. A stately bay […]

Throw One Back: Celebrating the Repeal of Prohibition

Let it never be said that Congress can’t admit it’s made a mistake. OK, there was this one time in 1933 when Congress conceded it had made a mistake, after Prohibition created the Mafia as we know it. This Repeal Day (Dec. 5), celebrate the end of the nation’s noble, stupid experiment via an all-American […]

Price Point: Old Town Alexandria vs. Columbia Heights

Old Town Alexandria Rowhouse: $679,000 207 Commerce St., Alexandria A young family looking for close proximity to the city might find their real-estate match in this colonial-style, detached rowhouse dating to the 1920s. Located one block from Alexandria’s King Street and half a mile from the Metro station, this 1,424-square-foot property with a tiny backyard […]

Best Hardware/DIY: Community Forklift

This cavernous warehouse contains piles of surplus and salvaged home materials donated by homeowners and businesses alike. Outreach and education director Ruthie Mundell describes a clientele spanning 20-somethings to “men in work boots looking for a good deal on electrical sockets.” Only in D.C.: Patrons have discovered everything from brooms from the Capitol to 1960s […]

Best Local Home Store: Red Barn Mercantile

Searching for a new rustic couch plus the perfect vintage sewing spindles to match? Throw in some antique dressers, buffets and armoires, and add a few quirky coffee table books and you have the gist of this cozy furniture and gift shop. Owner Amy Rutherford, above, transcends the usual shabby chic: “I like to say […]