Stamen Power

If the next meal you order out arrives looking like it should be eaten with a garden spade, dig in. Area chefs are tossing blooms into food and cocktails with the same abandon of a new bride pitching her bouquet to all the single ladies. You can find edible flower varieties in D.C. throughout the […]

Just Like Mom Used to Buy

No matter how sophisticated our palates, some mass-produced flavors are hard-wired into our taste buds. So it’s simultaneously daring and safe for chefs to attempt their own variations of beloved grocery-store staples. “Don’t we all always look for a better version, to step it up?” asks Casey Patten, a co-owner of Taylor Gourmet delis and […]

Bones to Pick

In a culinary beauty contest, bone marrow wins no tiaras. Cooked expertly, it arrives on your plate as a gray, viscous, jellylike substance, usually encased in the vessel from whence it came — the whitish, ghostlike leg bone of a cow. But like the oyster (another gastronomical ugly duckling), marrow is revered by foodies as […]

Can't Be Beat

Chefs describe eggs as a wonder ingredient: Crack a shell, and a dish magically becomes creamier, richer, silkier. In their softer forms — with pillowy whites and runny centers — eggs add a textural layer to dishes as varied as soup and pizza (their neutral flavor means they play well with others). “There’s this oozy-ness […]

Ice Picks

Just as an art collector would never slap an Ikea frame on a priceless Vermeer, a devoted practitioner of cocktail craft is loath to throw a handful of pedestrian ice cubes into his creation. Thus, on the cocktail lists of some of the best bars in Washington, ice isn’t an afterthought. It’s an ingredient that’s […]