Hot hoods: Hyattsville

Though only about a 30-minute drive from downtown D.C., Hyattsville, Md., feels far removed from the hustle of the city. And a recent flurry of real-estate development, including a new mixed-use area dubbed Arts District Hyattsville, is raising its profile and luring younger folks to the area.

Ready for a cold sell

Newlyweds Adam Schreck and Stacy Rosenberg wanted to start off their lives together in a new home, which meant selling Rosenberg's two-bedroom condo right in the midst of the traditional winter slow season.

From the front line to the front row

After four years in the Army, Van Standifer says he finds himself pondering the age-old question: What do I want to be when I grow up? For Standifer, like many veterans, an MBA is a chance to discover what that next step might be.

But, Baby, it’s cold … inside

Whether you live in a group house, high-rise or English basement, we’ve got some cost-saving tips to lower heating bills, plus green ideas for renters looking to save the environment — and maybe a few bucks.

Baking life

The jagged lines and earthy hues of Wayne Higby’s ceramic vessels echo the Colorado canyons and valleys where he grew up. To Higby, 70, they’re more than pretty pottery. He calls them “mind-scapes."

Intimidated by a co-op? Don’t be.

Housing cooperatives, commonly known as co-ops, where residents collectively own their building as opposed to owning an individual unit, may be a bit of a mystery to renters and Realtors, but buying into one isn’t much different from buying a condo.