Microclimates: Make a Mini-Garden Grow in Terrariums

The craze for all things Victorian is hitting home(s), and we don’t just mean U Street hipsters dandying up their pads with tweed sofas and taxidermy. Rather, old-timey terrariums — i.e. shrunken gardens encased in glass — brush off their mad scientist rep to spring up everywhere from Brooklyn lofts to Georgetown boutiques. Case in […]

Beyond Yo Ho Ho: The Rum Revolution

For anyone looking for the antidote to an overdose of “grown-up” drinks — think rye whiskeys and gins peering down from the top shelf — here’s a clue: A shot (or three) of rum should do the trick. Just add a paper umbrella, and you can call it rehab. “Rum is making a massive resurgence,” […]

Taste Test: Seven Distinctive Bottles of Rum

Rum wears its personality on its sleeve, with hues ranging from as clear and mild as vodka to as dark and as in-your-face as crude oil. Light (white) rum is young like the spring-breakers who love it, while dark (or black) rum is aged three to 12 years in oak casks and laced with caramel […]

Artsy Abodes: Live-Work Communities for Artists

You might say painter Dana Ellyn is never more at home than when she’s sidled up to her easel. In her case, though, that’s more than a figure of speech — where Ellyn lays her paintbrushes to dry is just across the paint-splattered room from where she lays her head to sleep each night. The […]

There's No Workplace Like Home: Live-Work Spaces Available in the Area

Artists looking for affordable live-work spaces can consider many different options, from traditional studios to funky townhouses to airy lofts located in communities filled with creative types. Here are some of the newest affordable local homes and havens for artists. TOWNHOUSES » Hyattsville Arts District Straddling Route 1 in downtown Hyattsville, Md., a new planned […]

S'more Games: Three Twists on the Classic Treat

As a kid, the thrill of spying marshmallows and graham crackers among the camping supplies was on par with plunging to the bottom of the Happy Meal for the plastic toy. “S’mores are such a nostalgic treat,” says Michelle Snow Bracken, owner of Chevy Chase’s Frosting, A Cupcakery (1 Wisconsin Circle; 301-539-9021), whether you grew […]

Not-So-Secret Ingredient: Mixing Beer in Cocktails

Like so many other crossover hits (Taylor Swift, “Glee”) the beer cocktail is rooted in tradition while toasting current trends. A far and fizzy cry from dive bar chuggables like car bombs and boilermakers, lately beer-infused tipples have been foaming over with fresh flair — and busting genres along the way. “It’s a good way […]

In Extreme Taste: John Waters, Filmmaker, Author, Mustache-Wearer

Filmmaker and actor John Waters has been called a lot of things over the years: Prince of Puke. Pope of Trash. Sultan of Sleaze. But the eccentric Baltimore native’s label as cult icon is most salient, from that signature ‘stache to his genre-busting flicks. He’ll gab about his own heroes — the topic of his […]