Up to snuff

Chefs and mixologists are incorporating loose tobacco leaves to add a slight kick and a compelling dried-grass finish that works especially well with darker beverages like bourbon, coffee and black tea.

Brewing a revolution

The same locovore movement that’s driving restaurants and farmers markets is now extending to beer-making: The District now boasts six breweries and neighboring states have dozens more.

A new era for paleo

Paleo dieters don’t have to spear animals or forage for greens to eat the caveman way. But those who are following the increasingly popular diet do have to hunt to find restaurants that will cater to their needs.

Sweet as Pizza Pie

Operation “Figure Out a Way to Eat Pizza for Every Meal” has made major strides: It’s already acceptable to eat an egg-topped breakfast ’za with your morning coffee, and now local chefs are adapting the favorite for dessert menus. These sweet treats typically involve Nutella, fresh fruit, nuts and even cheese. Lest you view this […]