Dave Brezna, Rachel Voiles

Dave, 29, is a software engineer. Rachel, 30, works for the government. They live in Falls Church. The Main Event: They will join in matrimony in a Catholic ceremony Oct. 13 at the Fort Myer Officers’ Club. How They Met: OKCupid. First Date: They met at the Iwo Jima Memorial on July 4 to watch […]

Steve Pickett, RaeAnn Roca

Steve, 35, works in IT. Rae, 28, is the communications coordinator for a nonprofit. They live in Crystal City. The Main Event: After their small Catholic ceremony in D.C., they’re off to Puerto Rico for a bigger ceremony with 70 family and friends on Oct. 13. How They Met: She answered his Craigslist personals ad. […]

Caleb Hinton, Rachel Walker

Caleb, 23, works at Gallaudet University. Rachel, 23, is an ASL interpreter. They live in Southwest D.C. The Main Event: Oct. 6 at the Portland Golf Club outside Portland, Ore. How They Met: Rachel was studying at Gallaudet for one semester. “My goal was to learn more about deaf culture and American Sign Language. I […]

Daniel Maloney, Katarina Vilkman

Daniel, 31, works for a Catholic nonprofit. Katarina, 34, works for a government contractor. They will live in D.C. The Main Event: They’re marrying Oct. 6 in the Newseum. How They Met: At a happy hour organized by one of Dan’s friends, a guy Katarina had previously dated. First Date: Chef Geoff’s. First Kiss: At […]

Christina Cauthen, Will Wong

Christina, 28, and Will, 34, are both analysts. They live in Bethesda. The Main Event: They’re saying their I do’s Oct. 13 in Lakeland, Fla. How They Met: Through friends. It took them a year to begin dating. First Impressions: “She was a laugher, and that’s a definite plus … since I’m a huge dork […]

Yuliya Ganenko, Tyler Rae

Yuliya, 24, is a business development coordinator at a law firm. Tyler, 25, is in tech support. They live in Rockville. The Main Event: Bells will ring Oct. 6 at a chapel at Yuliya’s alma mater in Holland, Mich. How They Met: EHarmony, from halfway across the world. Yuliya was finishing her master’s in Rome, […]

Lauren Hubbard, Ryan Williams

Lauren, 25, is a speech-language pathologist. Ryan, also 25, works in health care and is finishing his master’s.They live in Arlington. The Main Event: They will wed Oct. 5 in New Orleans, where Lauren’s parents and grandmother live. In addition to their three-tier traditional wedding cake, they’re serving mini cheesecakes and beignets. How They Met: […]

Robert Fox, Ellen Mueller

Rob, 28, is a policy analyst at the EPA. Ellen, 28, is a graduate student studying microbiology. They live in D.C. The Main Event: Oct. 13 in Woodbury, Minn. How They Met: eharmony.com. First Date: Fado’s Irish Pub in Chinatown. “I had accidentally left my ID in my car, so I had to sweet-talk my […]

Yolanda Anderson, Daryl Brunson

Yolanda, 40, works for the APA. Daryl, 42, drives a MetroBus. They live in Capitol Heights, Md. The Main Event: They’re marrying Sept. 22 at a private residence. How They Met: In church. First Impressions: “I wanted to beat her at this board game, and I thought she was competitive.” First Date: Paddleboating on the […]

Elvis Colbert, Daissan Ortiz

Elvis, 32, works for the FDA and is a concert promoter with LivSuite. Daissan, 28, is a financial reporting supervisor at NPR. They live in Bowie, Md. The Main Event: They will wed Oct. 6 at a Baptist church in Shaw, with a reception in Alexandria. How They Met: She asked her friend to find […]