Keep the peace, not each piece

While moving in with friends or a significant other means plenty of togetherness, it also means you have to give up some possessions or adjust your style as you merge multiple lives into one space.

Backed Against a Rent Wall

When Zara Frankel, 28, and her roommate were looking for an apartment in Northwest D.C., they knew rents would be steep. So the two apartment-hunters decided to try something a little different. Instead of hunting for a pricey two-bedroom, the pair found a spacious one-bedroom in Cleveland Park, then hired a contractor to build a […]

Sit! Stay! Top Pads For Pets

Like a lot of Washingtonians, Lucy and Ethel anxiously await the chance to mingle with friends at their daily 7 p.m. happy hour. The only difference is that their happy hour takes place in an apartment building’s doggie lounge with their fellow furry friends. “Our dogs love to go down there,” says Patricia Carlson, 66, […]

How Green Is My Corporation

Businesses have a green obsession these days, and it has nothing to do with money. So many companies are setting their sights on becoming “greener” — i.e. making sure what they do has minimal harm on the environment — that business schools in the D.C. area have created master’s programs to prepare students to meet […]