Rhythm & Revenues

Garry Gekhman, 41 Salary: $110,000 Position: Ballroom dance instructor and dance studio owner What He Does: People take up ballroom dancing for many reasons: socializing, exercising or hobby hunting. Gekhman spends 10 hours a day making sure they want to stick with it. “If you go to work and you’re either bored or just stressed […]

Face Time: Phil Moldavski & Ricky Choi

While working together at LivingSocial in 2011, Ricky Choi admired Phil Moldavski’s style — minus his ratty white socks. Choi helped Moldavski spiff up, and both decided there was a market for hip foot coverings. After a Kickstarter campaign that raised $120,000 earlier this year, the D.C.-based friends launched Nice Laundry (nicelaundry.com) on Aug. 12, […]

A Wild Way To Learn

When you think of yoga, safari adventures don’t usually come to mind. Unless you’re doing it with Sarah Waxman, a vinyasa-trained instructor who’s been teaching kids yoga for more than three years. One of her favorites is lion pose: Kids sit on their knees and bring their foreheads to the floor — like in child’s pose […]

A Stay That Is Never Still

Traveling can be a pain in the neck. So to help guests work out the kinks caused by baggage schlepping and cramped coach seats, some local hotels are thinking outside the treadmill. Suite Surprise Balancing on the edge of the black granite infinity pool atop the ritzy new Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown (1050 31st St. […]

Sizing Up Gym Culture

When Hanne Blank was diagnosed seven years ago with an insulin sensitivity, she learned the best treatment was working out. But the 43-year-old didn’t always feel treated so well as a heavier woman at the gym. Realizing that other people were facing the same issues, she got certified by the American Council on Exercise and began […]

Mommy’s Last Strand

Add postpartum hair loss to the list of yucky pregnancy side effects no one ever tells you about. “I didn’t expect it at all,” says Marilin Karst, 28, of Rockville, who found the part in her hair widened to about an inch four months after she had her son in July. “It was really, really […]

Point. Click. Learn.

In the Information Age, finding answers is easy. It’s finding the right answer that’s hard. After 25 years as a law librarian, Don MacLeod has learned a thing or two about doing accurate research. He gathered and condensed his tips into the book “How to Find Out Anything” ($20, Prentice Hall Press). In it, MacLeod […]