Who the heck is … Vienna Teng?

Eleven years ago, Detroit-based singer Vienna Teng left her cushy job as a software engineer at Cisco Systems in California to pursue a career in music. Since then, she’s recorded five albums, including her newest, “Aims.”

Who the Heck Is … Empire of the Sun

Nick Littlemore’s through-the-clouds synths perfectly complement Luke Steele’s falsetto vocals on Empire of the Sun’s second album, “Ice on a Dune,” which dropped in June. Since the release of the Australian electro-pop duo’s hit debut “Walking on a Dream” five years ago, Littlemore, left, and Steele, right, have been on a nonstop world tour. Synth […]

On the Spot: Tom Goss

D.C. musician Tom Goss was in seminary, studying to become a priest. Then, he discovered bears. The human kind. The burly kind. The gay, male kind. Goss’ EP “Bears” (his seventh disc), released in July, features an ode to the hunky species. The video for the title track went viral, with more than 225,000 views […]

All Around the World

Michael Kiwanuka bought a harmonica a few weeks ago. The purchase, inspired by a recent fall down a rabbit hole of old Neil Young tracks, underscores similarities between the London-born Kiwanuka’s soulful music and the Canadian classic-folkie’s work: Both have a timeless sound and spare instrumentation. After Kiwanuka, 26, released his debut album “Home Again” […]

Who the Heck Is … Jenny Leigh?

Baltimore-based country artist Jenny Leigh is a self-described tomboy who grew up in “cow town” Frederick, Md. She competed on The CW’s “The Next,” and her video for the song “Crossroads” has more than 125,000 views on YouTube. Her second EP, “Tipping Point,” arrives July 30. Nashville Networking Leigh wanted to work with the best […]

Out of Step

British electronic duo Mount Kimbie has been labeled “post-dubstep” — a genre different from its popular forebear in that it lacks dubstep’s heavy bass. The band’s sound is more ambient and creatively ambitious than booming dance tracks; Mount Kimbie creates music by stitching together vocals, instrumental passages, field recordings and vintage drum machine samples. The […]