Lincoln Slept Here

Though a prime piece of real estate in a bustling area, U Street’s historic Lincoln Theatre has lay dormant for years. It wasn’t always that way. “A bunch of different people did a lot of different things [there] at different times,” says I.M.P. chairman and 9:30 Club co-owner Seth Hurwitz of the theater, which has […]

Trillectro Company

Half Street is usually where you go to see a Nats game. On Saturday, the Half Street Fairgrounds will rave it up instead with nine hours of hip-hop and electronic dance music at the Trillectro Festival. That’s half “electro,” half “trill” — a word meaning “real,” coined by rapper Bun B of the now-defunct group […]

Old-School D.C. Spirit

Go-go has evolved over the decades since bands like Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers ruled the D.C. scene. In recent years, hip-hop has been blended into go-go’s sound, but some originators remain. Rare Essence is one of them, with its propulsive rhythms, call-and-response vocals and improvisational live concerts. Thirty-two years since the band made […]

All Aboard the Magic Bus

Everything about The Polyphonic Spree is big. The band is big. The sound is big. Its overwhelming positivity is big. The lull between the band’s previous record and its most recent — six years — was big. Biggest of all is the band’s ambition: The Spree is the size of five bands, with expenses so […]

The Will of Wale

“Wah-LAYYY!” That name was the refrain of the D.C.-area-raised rapper’s 2006 go-go-inflected single “Dig Dug (Shake It),” which made Wale a local name to watch. He's been on a “no-days-off” hustle ever since.

R&B Love, Actually

At the age of 6, Dwele was already mastering the piano. At 10, he was using it to channel his emotions after his father was murdered. Given his circumstances, the Detroit native could have easily joined the modern hip-hop landscape that’s punctuated with boasts and violence. Instead, the R&B producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist has focused […]