Love thy neighbor

Sharing a WiFi network brought Rahsan Baatin and Victoria Murray together, and they are not alone. With shared amenities and building-sponsored parties, it’s getting easier for singles to find love in their apartment complexes.

Steal this job: Personal concierge

Have things that need to get done but work and family and holidays keep you from doing? That’s what Jennifer Brickman Rasche does for her clients, so they can focus on work and family and holidays.

Rentals’ well-kept secret

Pay thousands of dollars to a rental broker to find you an apartment? No way. This isn’t NYC. It’s D.C., where property owners — not renters — pay four-digit sums to fill their units.

A roof you can root for

For 30 years, Stephen Keane, 78, saw the same thing outside his apartment windows: a dark, plain roof adorned with tired-looking air-conditioning units. Today, he looks out those same windows and sees a quilt of creeping plants. That old eyesore of a roof was transformed in September into a thriving “green roof.”

Hot hoods: Clarendon

Though its roots date back to the early 1700s,Clarendon earned its title as Arlington’s “downtown” 200 years later. Today,“laissez les bons temps rouler” might as well be its tagline.

Red tape ahead? Bank on that

Katie Bushwick worked hard to buy a home. But the hard work really kicked in after she found a townhome in Frederick, Md. That’s when she had to prove to the bank that she could be trusted to pay back a home loan.