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Plus, is a reader's boyfriend being overcautious when he says he doesn't want his "unstable" father-in-law near the couple's two-year-old?

Plus, a reader is concerned their wife is getting into physical fights with their 15-year-old stepdaughter.

And a reader is worried about whether their significant other will mature enough to become marriage material.

And a reader can't stop picking at a scar received from a surgical treatment.

Plus, a family member is concerned about a sister's parenting skills, but doesn't want to step on any toes.

Plus, a newlywed worries that new chronic health problems will put the marriage at risk.

And a reader doesn't know what to do with a mother who isn't taking care of herself.

Plus a reader is disappointed in her husband's poor planning skills.

A reader seeks help when a guy only wants to date on weekends, and another wants advice for co-workers who observe signs of OCD.

Dr. Andrea advises a reader who takes on everyone else's issues and another who isn't sure how to help a grieving sister.

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