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» EXPRESS: Why are you our favorite film fest? » SITNEY: We are honored to be voted Washington’s favorite festival. I believe that Silverdocs proves the old adage correct: Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. We travel around the world and scour through nearly 2,000 submissions to bring together a wonderfully eclectic program of the […]

» EXPRESS: How should I get my hair cut? » FRAZIER: The long bob is in — it’s a modern, polished, professional look. Long fringe bangs are quite current, too. Long curls are also big right now; I think hair has been so flat and straight for such a long time that more amplified curls […]

AS A SENIOR EDITOR at Roadside America, a travel Web site specializing in bizarre attractions, Ken Smith is a rare authority on strange landmarks. We asked him for his five D.C. favorites. (You can find locations at Roadsideamerica.com.) » Obscure Monument to Lobsterdom: This statue of a man kneeling over a lobster was constructed in […]

LAST SEASON, after scoring a particularly unbelievable goal against the Montreal Canadiens that saw him stealing the puck at center ice, falling on his back, and somehow poking the puck past the Canadiens’ net minder as he fell, Ovechkin looked to the stands and cupped his hand to one ear, as if to say, “I […]

» EXPRESS: What’s your favorite shopping neighborhood? » DONOHUE: Well, I’m biased: I live in Old Town, which, I think, has developed into a really neat shopping neighborhood in the past couple of years. The 14th and U streets corridor is similar, with independently owned, eclectic shops side by side. » EXPRESS: What’s the best […]

» EXPRESS: What makes a great bartender? » BARMAK: You have to cater to everyone’s needs, but have fun and play around with them. You’ve got to be able to give it back when they give it to you. Entertain them a little bit. » EXPRESS: What are your sports teams? » BARMAK: Caps. I’m […]

EXPRESS ASKED this Metro expert to pick his five favorite stations. » Judiciary Square: “I think it’s architecturally the most significant and quite beautiful in that way.” He especially likes the National Building Museum exit, “where you get that magnificent vista framed in the escalator.” » Union Station: Historically notable because it “connects Metro to […]

SINCE MASTER TAILOR Angelo Abatzis opened shop 40 years ago, this family-run downtown D.C. boutique has nattily suited up lobbyists, government cogs, White House staffers, the Kennedy Center’s Placido Domingo and visiting celebrities such as Denzel Washington. “We’re a good fit because D.C. is formal and conservative,” says Kosta Abatzis, owner Angelo’s son. “For a […]

THE HAWAIIAN-PRINT MOTIF may drive you up the wall, but you can’t deny the value of some of T.J.’s items. In D.C., frozen “Meals in Minutes” and sandwiches are hot sellers, probably because of this city’s always-on-the-go lifestyle, D.C. store general manager “Captain” Perry Zettersten theorizes. The store’s a go-to for everyone from wannabe “Top […]

YOU CAN BE IN and out on your lunch break for less than the cost of a power lunch–women’s cuts are just $42 and, thanks to the stylists’ speed-training, take only 30 minutes. “You could be a really good stylist and not be able to work fast enough to survive here,” says Nikki Esoldo, co-owner […]

OUR FAVORITE THING about Kramerbooks is that you can wander in almost any time of day or night and find a new book to love. “I love it because it’s small and it has a phenomenal selection,” says clerk Claire Coogan. “There’s everything in here I want to read, which is terrible for my paycheck.” […]

FAMILY OWNED since opening in 1971, this cozy jewel box features an in-store jeweler and two family watchmakers. “Pretty much everyone in here is related,” says Miriam Afram, co-owner and daughter of original owner A.J. Afram. The shop’s bling ranges from estate jewelry to in-house custom designs and trendy Pandora charms to Swiss Tissot watches. […]

AFTER A $22 MILLION rebuilding project to repair the historic building’s 2007 fire damage, Eastern Market returned to its old location in June, and D.C. rejoiced. About 9,000 people visit the market on an average weekend to buy produce, sample spreads and sip coffee, says manager Barry Margeson. A Storied History: The family of David […]

IF YOU’RE INTO KARAOKE and live in D.C., chances are good you’ve been to Cafe Japone. This Dupont mainstay boasts a restaurant downstairs and a cozy karaoke bar upstairs, both of which serve sushi and strong cocktails. Owner Kenji Akiho cites the bar/restaurant’s loyalty to Japanese culture as the reason it’s been around for so […]

“IT’S THE FASTEST way to get out of D.C. physically and mentally,” says Washington Area Bicyclist Association‘s Ben West about the pebbly path. “Within 10 minutes of riding, you’re out there in the green.” The 184-mile trail begins in Georgetown and parallels the Potomac River until it reaches Cumberland, Md. Nature abounds: Turtles sunbathe on […]

THE POINT OF KICKBALL isn’t actually to compete: It’s to drink. That idea is nicely summed up in the name of this Montgomery County league founded in early 2007. “I think that because we’re a bit smaller [than other leagues], we have more of a collegial atmosphere,” says founder Chris Bocquet. In addition to parties […]

WITH SEVERAL DISTINCT rooms — a cottage area, a Victorian section, a Dublin-style pub — Fado tries to emulate as many aspects of Ireland as it can. And if you visit the nationwide chain’s D.C. location during a European soccer or rugby match, it’ll feel like it, especially if England is playing Ireland. “That’s when […]

WANT A GOOD PLACE TO MEET LADIES? Try the Mall on the morning of the Komen National Race for the Cure. Of the 45,000 participants in the 5K event last June, a whopping 77 percent were women. The participants, including more than 3,600 breast cancer survivors from 18 countries, managed to raise $4.3 million for […]

IT’S 3 A.M. What does D.C.’s early morning crowd want to eat? “People are looking for eggs,” says Jesse Hamilton, general manager. “They go for the Diner Royale — the full breakfast experience.” The dish — with two eggs; two pancakes or French toast; a choice of meat; toast and coffee — is the most […]

CUSTOMERS MAY INITIALLY be drawn to Big Planet Comics — there are four area locations — out of convenience, but they stay for the service. “We always endeavor to learn our customers’ names,” says Joel Pollack, founder of the small chain. There’s an in-store subscription service, which means the store will hold books for you, […]

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