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The lip-syncing actors for Season 4 are extremely A-list.

But will viewers fall for the shows?

“Born This Way” is the rare reality show that features characters who are neither petty nor inane and that has a greater purpose than keeping up with the Kardashians

Ryan Ferguson probes the pasts of three prisoners who say they were wrongfully convicted.

The show deftly blends social commentary and sharp (even far-out) humor.

One might have predicted low ratings for these lowbrow programs, but they’re winning their time slots.

The drama has taken a few odd turns.

There appears to be a whole lot of deception going on.

I believe she’s the first talk show host to demonstrate a “sexy” way to put on a condom by using a banana.

As Armstrong writes, “Seinfeld” was envisioned as two men discussing “the minutiae of their lives and turn[ing] it into comedy — like Harold Pinter or Samuel Beckett for television.”

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