Irish comic Amy Huberman's screwball comedy is a delightful look at a young woman striving for happiness.

The ghost-hunting investigations may be the sketchy, but the Destination America series does shine a light on some creepily intriguing locations.

Featuring the likes of Matthew Goode, James Purefoy and Matthew Rhys, the Ovation TV series is a breezy delight.

The new season of the long-running reality competition, now available on Netflix, is lifted by an inspirational set of bakers.

The long-running reality show is a surprisingly sharp meditation on the nature of love.

Richard Madden starts in a series that's even tenser than our tense times.

The new Netflix series is a wonderfully eerie mash-up of baking, crafting and puppetry.

Billed as "The O.C." meets "Friday Night Lights," the new series turns out to be much more than a cliched teen melodrama.

The first woman to take on the Time Lord mantle has already made the iconic character her own.

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney lead a star-studded voice cast for the raunchy animated series.

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