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Lee dispels many of the myths marketed by what she calls Big Bridal and offering helpful do’s and don’ts gleaned from her experience.

She'll show you her true swipes.

The comedian, in town to film a stand-up special, dropped in at The Big Hunt for an unannounced 15-minute set on Jan. 12.

Hint: Free food and crowds with long attention spans.

Here are four of this weekend's shows that you won’t want to miss.

C.K. is surprising fans in Washington again with a show at Constitution Hall in two weeks.

"The sense of fun is something we try to communicate to the audience every single podcast and every single television episode," Aukerman says.

Nearly 45 years after opening, the Kennedy Center is finally getting around to hosting its first comedy festival.

On June 25, he brings his live show — and Pete Holmes and Michael Che — to Washington as part of the District of Comedy Festival.

Sometime during a nine-month sentence, Lee realized that “three hots and a cot” was not a future he could deal with. His life needed a rebranding.

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, John Oliver and Flight of the Conchords are your tickets to laughter this season.

The Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival will return to Washington for the fourth straight year from Oct. 27 to 30.

Plus: After releasing two albums in 2015, Beach House finally returns to Washington.

The former co-host of "Best Bars in America" also explains why he left the show and why he loves visiting D.C.

Plus, Jake Bugg and Broods announce tour dates.

The most surprising thing the 31-year-old experienced while working on the series had nothing to do with sex.

The legendary comedian needs (or at least wants) the help of her audience.

Things are getting funnier in Washington.

Washington has a new venue for laughs — just don't call it a comedy club.

Tracy Morgan, Flight of the Conchords, Nikki Glaser and more ways to have a laugh in the next three months.

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