Remember the guy who said "Cool story, Hansel" in Zoolander? Well, he lives in Sterling, Va., and is directing a play at the Little Theatre of Alexandria.

The World Cup-bound Washington Spirit midfielder breaks down her ideal day in the D.C. area.

Skeiky works her love of food into her dream day, alongside some quality time with her dog.

Gibson takes a break from representing city council on Twitter to hang out at his favorite spots from the past, present and future.

The co-founder of Up Top Acres shares how she'd spend a perfect day in D.C.

Ching would ride the water taxi and get dessert twice, with her husband and three toddlers in tow.

An old-fashioned steakhouse and swordplay feature in this D.C. native's Dream Day.

The co-founder of Pinch & Plate stops by markets, the movies and (of course) plenty of local restaurants.

Her itinerary would start with a run and end at Saturday's edition of the annual festival she created.

Don’t know what to order at D.C.’s first Georgian restaurant? The Tsikurishvilis have got you covered.

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