A survey found that women choose alternative transportation — and pay more — to avoid feeling unsafe on public transit.

The experiment of playing music at some Metro stations seems to have gone silent. But not for long.

Sam Mencimer flagged an escalator issue to WMATA, which they said was fixed. It wasn't.

Non-English speakers make up a considerable portion of Metro's ridership. What is the agency doing about it?

The advertisements are part of a soft launch that could eventually extend to Metro rail.

A rider wonders why Metro's display signs at the Shady Grove station often fail to post arrival times for incoming trains.

Riders who endured long waits for shuttles and missed flights because of the station closures aren't buying Metro's explanation.

A couple of weeks ago, Wiehle-Reston East-bound Silver Line trains weren’t running at five stations from Largo Town Center to Benning Road.

Metro still faces persistent skepticism from riders about whether anything will be done if they report harassment.

People are turning to the "freedom" of ride-hailing, which poses a problem for Metro.

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