WMATA acknowledges the tracks have sunk so much in some stations that the floors of cars are below the platform. That's a problem for wheelchair users.

As Metro's board is torn over restoring late-night hours, some transit agencies are turning to ride-hailing companies to get people to and from work.

This woman in a wheelchair is eternally grateful for the help she got from a Metro station manager over the holidays.

Some relief is coming, though not as much as Metro and Amtrak consultants had said is possible.

The new policy began Jan. 7 — a week when the government shutdown had noticeably thinned the crowd on trains.

After making no progress in reducing assaults on bus drivers last year, Metro says it’s going to try thinking outside the box.

Cash-strapped WMATA is looking for bidders to help the agency explore how much it could make renting out station names.

While adding bikes could make already crowded trains feel tighter, Metro said the newer 7000-series trains have more open space.

As Metro has raised fares and cut its hours, new Census figures show that low-wage workers are less likely to commute by transit.

Masturbating on the transit system is prohibited in D.C. and Virginia — but the laws in Maryland are "murky."

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