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Manolo’s favorite physician is Taryn Rose, M.D., the orthopedic-surgeon-turned-shoe-designer who makes good-looking shoes that are famously comfortable.

A reader asks for fun sandals for a Bahama cruise.

I’m turning 40 years old in three weeks. To forestall any potential pain, can you please suggest some comfortable party shoes for the big day?

My best girlfriend at work, Jennifer, is quitting next week to start working as a freelancer. As a going-away gift I want to buy her a pair of fun flat sandals, something that she can wear right away to remind her of our good times together. — Marissa

Dear Manolo, After four years and countless thousands of dollars, I’ve graduated from college. I don’t know what shoes I should wear on the big day that won't have me falling on my face. What do you recommend?

Dear Manolo, After yet another disastrous romance, I’ve decided to swear off dating for the next few weeks. To see me through this cleansing ordeal, can you please suggest some shoes that will cheer me up? — Alexis

My junior prom is coming up, and I’ve decided that I want to be elegant and restrained in a little black dress that’s not too short. I need shoes that add color, and, because I’m in high school, money is an issue. — Sophie

Dear Manolo, I’ve got a destination beach wedding to go to. Could you recommend any close-toed, close-heeled, wedge espadrilles that aren’t too expensive and could be worn to a picnic or a night on the town? I just don’t do sandals, and I refuse to let sand ruin my work shoes. — Mary

You ask, Manolo answers. Never have a shoe problem again!

Dear Manolo, Can you recommend a pair of office-suitable flats for the impoverished working girl who’s just started her first job? —Erika

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