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Since I began this column in October 2011, I’ve dined on pigeon, sampled Tunisian street snacks, treated myself to booze-laden cupcakes, and more. I’ve expanded my waistline slightly; I’ve boosted my knowledge of intriguing local foods greatly. So I’m sad to file my final Eater’s Digest. I’m moving to Boston (making a return to my native […]

I never thought I’d write a column in praise of rutabaga, but it was hard not to after tasting it at Beuchert’s Saloon (623 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202-733-1384). As one of many veggie sides on the menu during the “farm American” restaurant’s soft opening (through March 15), chef Andrew Markert’s rutabaga mash ($6) is eye-opening. […]

Recently, a close friend from New York City came for a visit. We were planning our Saturday night out when she asked where we’d be able to eat a great meal in the early a.m. hours. “Home?” I replied. She unsuccessfully tried to hide her shock. Truth is, there’s not much good food available super-late […]

Sports-venue food in D.C. has improved tremendously over the seven-plus years I’ve lived here. If you know where to look these days, you can get a surprisingly great meal. Case in point: the Verizon Center (601 F St. NW; 202-628-3200), whose Acela Club floor has food stalls with unexpected items, such as “sloppy Janes” with […]

If the D.C. branch of Founding Farmers (1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; 202-822-8783) were personified, I think it would be the most popular kid in school (trendy, cool, but not always reliable). That would make Founding Farmers’ sprawling new sister spot, Farmers Fishers Bakers (3000 K St. NW; 202-298-8783), the overachiever. FFB, which opened in November, […]

Over the past 12 months, a big fear of mine came true: I put on a few pounds. I blame this job and its frequent temptations (sometimes requirements) to go out to eat. However, this year I also completed my fourth marathon — motivated in part by the realization of how often I’ve been eating […]

Matchbox’s new location on 14th Street NW (1901 14th St. NW; 202-328-0369) has much of the same menu as its three other local spots. It’s got the same 3.6.9 mini burgers ($9-$23) and the same creative, toppings-packed pizzas. But this Matchbox takes things to another level — literally. Two wood- and glass-walled booths with tables […]

It’s not often that you can consume a history lesson along with your steak dinner. That’s why I’m a fan of the Capital Countdown menu at Charlie Palmer Steak (101 Constitution Ave. NW; 202-547-8100). Each week through January, the restaurant is serving a dinner special ($28-$35) in honor of a president from the past 60 […]

When I eat out on ever-changing, of-the-moment 14th St. NW, I expect to have a good meal. What I don’t expect is to have a completely new food experience. The Drafting Table (1529 14th St. NW), which opened last month, has accomplished the unexpected. Its menu, full of great riffs on American fare, introduced me […]

There are two key candidates in this race: The first, a familiar entity with roots in Chicago. The other, a flashier, fancier, richer but virtually untested challenger. These are the two burgers competing for your appetite at BGR this election season — two of the many partisan-themed specials available now through Nov. 6 at local […]

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