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Mule Bone, a new restaurant from Busboys and Poets founder Andy Shallal, will include a retail portion overseen by Desirée Venn Frederic, the founder of Nomad Yard Collectiv. It's a playground for those who love color, history and antiques.

Be a holiday hero by shopping at one of the many markets popping up around D.C. Here are a few of our favorites, grouped by their offerings.

Ari Seth Cohen's street style blog Advanced Style documents flamboyantly dressed women (and a few men) of a certain age. His new documentary “Advanced Style,” about the blog’s splashier characters, premieres in D.C. this weekend.

Bridal applications for wearable technology could include Terminator-style displays of wedding guests' vital stats.

Manolo’s favorite physician is Taryn Rose, M.D., the orthopedic-surgeon-turned-shoe-designer who makes good-looking shoes that are famously comfortable.

A reader asks for fun sandals for a Bahama cruise.

I’m turning 40 years old in three weeks. To forestall any potential pain, can you please suggest some comfortable party shoes for the big day?

My best girlfriend at work, Jennifer, is quitting next week to start working as a freelancer. As a going-away gift I want to buy her a pair of fun flat sandals, something that she can wear right away to remind her of our good times together. — Marissa

Inspired by her collection of scarves, Laura Friedman wrote and illustrated “50 Ways to Wear a Scarf” ($15, Chronicle Books), a whimsical new TIY (tie-it-yourself) book on how to create head wraps, neck knots and more.

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  • Apr 25, 2014
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Dear Manolo, After four years and countless thousands of dollars, I’ve graduated from college. I don’t know what shoes I should wear on the big day that won't have me falling on my face. What do you recommend?

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