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King Arthur pulls a sword from a stone; Ryan Gosling goes musical (again.)

Our critic says who should be in and who should be out at this year's Academy Awards.

Stars, cats and divas all hit the big screen

Being unwelcome is not the same as being oppressed.

Director Amma Asante couldn't — and didn't want to — separate love from politics in "A United Kingdom."

Where to see made-for-TV teen comedies, international films and some of the best (and overlooked) movies of 2016.

The big screen's latest incarnation of the caped crusader LOVES being Batman, a reminder to all of us to have a little fun as we go into battle.

Where to see short films — and a short-lived love — in local theaters.

Director Raoul Peck's documentary picks up where Baldwin left off.

Stop telling actors they should shut up and make movies.

American music, and American classic, and an English show about an Austrian genius are all on local screens.

Once again, the people who hand out the Oscars seem to be giving a pass to another Hollywood bad boy.

Remember the '80s by watching movies that take place in the '30s, '40s and '60s.

The movie about the rise of the McDonald's empire also tells the story of the brothers who got screwed along the way.

The festival looks forward with the new film from Asghar Farhadi and back with a retrospective of the work of Abbas Kiarostami.

Writer and director Mills has cracked the code when it comes to men writing women.

Two old favorites and a new one from a modern master hit screens this weekend.

Writer and director Peter Berg finds truth more compelling than fiction in the story of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Just because a child is on the screen doesn't mean children should be in the seats.

"Silence," "Paterson" and "A Monster Calls" all open this Friday.

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