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Sad movies are teaching kids — not traumatizing them.

'50 Shades of Black' joins the list of movies that mock other movies.

The co-directors of 'Kung Fu Panda 3' discuss advances in technology, striking the right balance between emotion and action, and finding the right number of butt jokes.

Want more diversity in Hollywood? Stop assuming every character is white.

For '45 Years,' Andrew Haigh's follow-up to 'Weekend,' he examines an old marriage facing new troubles.

Knowing who'd get Oscar nominations this year was easy — no psychic powers needed.

Director Laszlo Nemes shot 'Son of Saul' so that the audience had to imagine the unimaginable for themselves.

When bears attack it usually doesn't end up well for anyone — except the bears.

This is Leo's year to take the Oscar — but not for the reasons you might think.

In 'The Revenant," actor Will Poulter faced cold, technical difficulties, and a strong desire to punch a tree.

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