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The D.C. council is considering making Hay's Spring amphipod the district's official amphipod, though the tiny, eyeless crustacean hasn't been seen since 2004.

Brought to D.C. by famed Admiral Arleigh Burke, the decommissioned destroyer known as the DS Barry was a popular tourist attraction in the '80s. Soon, it will be towed away and scrapped.

The Library of Congress is capturing the stories of D.C.-area World War II veterans in honor of the 70th anniversary of VJ Day.

The one-of-a-kind fossil, which sheds light on the evolution of Amazon river dolphins, is now at the National Museum of Natural History.

From the Tidal Basin’s graceful cherry trees to upper Northwest’s stinky ginkgoes, D.C. is overrun with foreign nationals.

Lady Bird, a 1,323-ton tunnel boring machine, emerged from a 100-foot hole in the ground near Nationals Stadium this morning.

The summer is a time to get back to basics and relish in those activities everyone enjoyed as a child. And luckily, the Washington area is chock full of places that cater to just that.

A kestrel with a broken leg aims to unseat the squirrel with a cast for D.C.'s cutest injured wildlife.

Bryan Berg used 300 decks of playing cards to construct the U.S. Capitol building at the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore. So far, it looks pretty solid, but the 7-foot Washington Monument of cards has the professional card stacker worried.

All four eaglets born in D.C. this spring have left their respective nests and are learning to fly and hunt.

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