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Also, a photo found in the wreckage of 9/11 has been returned to its owner and grandparents keep tagging Grandmaster Flash on Facebook.

Also, a shirtless man at a Nationals game is Internet famous, two deer caused a traffic jam on the Golden Gate Bridge, and a jail is using goats to maintain its grounds.

Also, the Rally Pigeon has returned to Nationals Park, a poodle got stuck in a bathtub drain, and Abercrombie & Fitch is really struggling to market to the cool kids.

Also, the eighth season of "Doctor Who" finally premiered, a reality TV show wants to send people to live on Mars, and someone stole a woman's Obama statue.

Also, Aaron Paul is hosting a scavenger hunt, watch an insane video of a giant grouper fish swallowing a shark whole, and a Florida woman started a "pay-it-forward" chain at Starbucks.

Kevin Spacey pretends to be Frank Underwood pretending to be Bill Clinton in this "House of Cards" spoof.

And Courtland Malloy still doesn't like bicycling.

Also, watch Helen Mirren twerk, a pro-guns children's book was just released, and a 90-year-old had a standoff with SWAT.

Plus who knew Lorde had such a way with cattle?

Also, 'Jeopardy' teen tournament ended in a boring tiebreaker, NASA and William Shatner share Kirk-ish Twitter exchanges, and an overturned semitrailer spilled butter all over the highway.

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