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Derek Zoolander isn't the only name in cinematic high fashion.

None of these movies — including 'Hail, Caesar!' — are technically about salads, but lettuce write about them anyway.

'50 Shades of Black' joins the list of movies that mock other movies.

When it's time to hit the road, movie characters often like to pile into a van.

With the opening of "The Forest," let's take a look back over our shoulders and remember that going into the woods is almost always a bad idea.

'Joy' and 5 other movies about inventors

The landscape of the film is dominated by large triangular buildings, the meaning of which archeologists have yet to determine. But they’re big, just like these buildings.

Many penguin-based films really take flight.

Nothing spices up a film like romantic vengeance.

'The Winter Soldier' inspires a list of other captains from films.

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