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Because Eddie Murphy has been out of the spotlight the past decade, it’s easy to forget just what a force the comedian can be.

They’re superstrong. They can defy gravity. But they’re also as different as lollipops and a bottle of booze.

Unlike the adult designers of late, the teens seem remarkably unpetty and actually have distinct aesthetics.

WIll the six stars of the series, who live in a posh English county, be classy and elegant? NO.

This fall, the ancient game show is breaking the Internet. And it’s all because of casting.

It's a mashup of reality and fantasy that seems clumsy on paper but proves delightful.

The show is not just depressive, it’s manic, in a good way — buoyant and bubbly.

Reality TV star Whitney Thore talks about how the show inspires more than just the fans — but also herself.

The rugged scenery, rumbling machines and cool nuggets of geology are part of the appeal. But the heart of the show is the all-too-human miners.

The solution to #toomuchTV is #justalittleTV.

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