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As Armstrong writes, “Seinfeld” was envisioned as two men discussing “the minutiae of their lives and turn[ing] it into comedy — like Harold Pinter or Samuel Beckett for television.”

True, the minutiae of baking can seem a little less than fascinating. But there is so much more to the show than flour and butter.

Maybe they’ll explain how to assemble that Ikea bookshelf I never took out of the box.

NBC's "Maya and Marty" isn't always a gem. But she's always funny.

How can I sit back and enjoy chocolate-covered pretzels while “Spartan” contestants crawl 110 feet through muck beneath a net of barbed wire?

There’s a lot more drama in the Twitter fight about the show than in the show itself.

American TV viewers, you have a rose in your hand.

Hawking is sure they can find answers by “using the power of the human mind.”

It appears that things in 1892, when the show takes place, were even worse than in 2016.

The most surprising thing the 31-year-old experienced while working on the series had nothing to do with sex.

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