Sometimes it takes looking at everything wrong with rom-coms to discover everything that's right.

The toys return with a heartfelt lesson about how growing up doesn't have to mean getting tougher.

"Annihilation," "BlacKkKlansman" and "Widows" were among the movies I missed when they first came out.

Arthurian legends come alive again; this time, the adults need to get out of the way.

The biopic centers on Laurel and Hardy, but the women behind them steal the show.

How dropping the Oscar talk, spending more time with Netflix and taking a ride with the "Fast and the Furious" movies will make for a better 2019.

Where did the best movies of the year come from? For 5 of them, it was out of nowhere.

The DCU does it again as "Aquaman" drowns in an overloaded story.

'Roma' deserves all the attention 'Mudbound' didn't get.

It can be hard to be unique when you're just another Christmas musical zombie teen film.

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