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In two seconds, "Beauty and the Beast" breaks one character out of the coded closet.

How did a movie that could have gone so wrong get so much right?

The superhero formerly known as Wolverine finds himself in a new fight.

Our critic says who should be in and who should be out at this year's Academy Awards.

Being unwelcome is not the same as being oppressed.

The big screen's latest incarnation of the caped crusader LOVES being Batman, a reminder to all of us to have a little fun as we go into battle.

Stop telling actors they should shut up and make movies.

Once again, the people who hand out the Oscars seem to be giving a pass to another Hollywood bad boy.

The movie about the rise of the McDonald's empire also tells the story of the brothers who got screwed along the way.

Writer and director Mills has cracked the code when it comes to men writing women.

Just because a child is on the screen doesn't mean children should be in the seats.

Sometimes life is made of moments.

Fighting the system goes a lot faster when the system fights itself.

In a world that often seems so dark, "La La Land" sells its audience on the value of hope.

"Jackie" humanizes Jackie Kennedy — and destroys the myth of the movie widow.

Context and evidence are the two things any critic should bring to the table. But it’s also part of the job to subjectively spout off.

The visually striking animated film features a feisty main character who's trying to figure out exactly who she is — and the princess part doesn't matter.

The "Harry Potter" prequel continues this year's trend of showing kids just how scary the real world can be.

The new sci-fi film starring Amy Adams hammers home its point about the shortcomings of language and the ways words can divide us.

Benedict Cumberbatch will be a big draw for Marvel's latest, and seeing it for him is just as good a reason as any.

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