Plus, two dogs and a cat broke out an apartment. That's not a joke set-up, it's reality.

Plus, it's 2019. Why isn't Hollywood employing inclusive hairstylists who can style natural hair?

Plus, are you a wicked stepmother looking for the perfect evil outfit? Twitter has some ideas for you.

Plus: Missouri City, Texas, proves there's good in the world with a hefty show of local support for a new doughnut shop.

Plus, Arkansas state Sen. Stephanie Flowers is not to be trifled with.

Plus, it might be in our best interest to refrain from throwing cheese on babies.

Plus, Belgian officials saved a bunch of male cyclists from possible getting passed by a woman. Their move caused her to lose.

Plus, David Beckham got a statue in the U.S. Americans are a bit perturbed.

Plus, Jeffree Star has a lot of things to work on. The way he speaks to his fans is now officially one of them.

Plus, Rotten Tomatoes is saying "nah" to the trolling of female-led films.

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