Plus, it's completely fine, but a government agency you've probably never heard of would like suggestions on underground tunnels for "experimentation." Again, completely fine.

Plus, Bret Stephens would like everyone from now on to refrain from mentioning bugs in his presence.

Plus, let's pour one out for Spidey.

Plus, someday there'll be a really witty play on the Chicken Sandwich War.

Plus, look how care-free, how full of zoom the fish are in the salmon cannon!

Plus, Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II has the look of a powerful woman coming for an Emmy.


Plus, 2014 Gamora was not impressed with Iron-Man's sacrifice.

Plus, it's way past time we banned Armie Hammer from social media.

Plus, a Twitter user received a grateful text from an ex before his wedding — was it mature or downright unnecessary?

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