FastFEC is a command-line tool and library for parsing .fec files quickly written in C.

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Upload a .fec file to parse it and download a zip of .csv files entirely in-browser using WebAssembly.

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Python library

FastFEC is available as an installable Python library. pip install fastfec to get started. Learn more here.

Command-line usage

Once FastFEC has been installed and is in your path, you can run the program by calling fastfec in your terminal:

Usage: fastfec [flags] <id, file, or url> [output directory=output] [override id]

The CLI will download or read from disk the specified filing and then write output CSVs for each form type in the output directory. The paths of the outputted files are:

You can also pipe the output of another command in by following this usage:

[some command] | fastfec [flags] <id> [output directory=output]


The CLI supports the following flags:

The short form of flags can be combined, e.g. -is would include filing IDs and suppress output.


fastfec -s 13360 fastfec_output/

Time benchmarks

Using massive 1464847.fec (8.4gb) on an M1 MacBook Air

Presentation slides

We presented FastFEC at NICAR 2022. You can view the slides here.

Source code