Want a girl with blue eyes? A clinic in California offers to deliver --- and a growing number of experts are not okay with that.

‘There are no known risks,’ one expert says, ‘because no one has looked.’

“These are horrible, horrible cases,” one lawyer said, “and unfortunately the law really hasn’t caught up with the enormity of the problem.”

FERTILITY FRONTIER | Critics decrying forced parentage say the Arizona law is an attack on personal freedom.

John Zhang produced a three-parent baby, implanted abnormal embryos and wants to help 60-year-old women have children.

When does life begin? What defines a parent? IVF raises moral questions for several faiths

Photos from Boston IVF's "Baby Bowl," which is believed to be the largest gathering of IVF children in history.

Bridgette Adams became famous for freezing her eggs. Then, she tried to use them

“No one has the right to tell me that I have to kill my offspring,” says woman in case before the Colorado Supreme Court.

How the booming fertility business is changing the face of American families.

Peak fertility coincides with the peak career-building years, and the pressure of racing against a biological clock to accomplish both at the same time may exacerbate feelings of burnout.

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Doctors say donation is safe, but some women report subsequent cancer and infertility.