The Biological Clock: Episode 1

Journalist Nicole Ellis takes us on a personal exploration as she considers freezing her eggs. In this episode, Nicole talks to the Richard Cohen, the creator of the term "biological clock" and Dr. Kate Devine about her reproductive health and options related to egg freezing.

The Pelvic Tour: Episode 2

To find out more about her fertility, Nicole visits Dr. Kate Devine for a pelvic tour and to test her hormone levels. After Dr. Devine delivers the test results, Nicole weighs her options.

Family Planning: Episode 3

Nicole shares her test results with her mom and talks with her extended family about their experiences with fertility and family planning.

Nicole gets a second opinion on her tests results from Dr. Clarisa Gracia and meets a woman whose own doctor told her she would have "ten more miscarriages" and end up back at the office in IVF.

Nicole explains the step by step process of egg freezing in episode five of The Post's original documentary series, "Should I freeze my eggs?"

Filmmaker and reporter Nicole Ellis breaks down the cost of egg freezing. She crunches her personal budget numbers with financial planner Tonya Rapley to figure out if she can afford the fertility treatments.

Filmmaker and reporter Nicole Ellis explains the process of retrieving your eggs to try to make a baby. She interviews doctors and patients about the impact of fibroids on success rates and gets a glimpse of her own family history in a candid conversation with her mother and aunts.

Filmmaker and reporter Nicole Ellis visits a psychologist who specializes in fertility counseling to help her make a tough decision. She also leans on her best friend and family to help her navigate the difficult next steps in her family planning journey.

When does life begin? What defines a parent? IVF raises moral questions for several faiths

Photos from Boston IVF's "Baby Bowl," which is believed to be the largest gathering of IVF children in history.

Episode 3 of our exclusive series: 'Should I freeze my eggs?'

Three words echoed in my mind: “low ovarian reserve.”

In a world where my uterus is pitted against me, freezing my eggs could level the playing field by giving me more control over my reproductive life span.

How the booming fertility business is changing the face of American families.

Peak fertility coincides with the peak career-building years, and the pressure of racing against a biological clock to accomplish both at the same time may exacerbate feelings of burnout.

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