The YouTube star also interviewed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in a video on his popular channel.

What started as a fairly typical recruiting visit at Tyler Goodman's high school turned into something altogether different when a shooter arrived on campus.

A state law enforcement agency tracks down and takes guns from felons, the mentally ill and others whose gun rights have been curtailed in court.

Yvonne Cech and Diana Perri Haneski have been friends for 36 years. They’re both librarians, 1,300 miles apart. And now they have experienced two of the nation’s worst school shootings.

The companies are rapidly escalating the production of pistols and the types of rifles used in recent mass shootings, government and industry data show.

School shooting survivors visited the White House and appeared on CNN on Wednesday, but Trump began Thursday by attacking the media.

Parkland student, 17, has become one of the faces of a national, student-led effort to reform gun laws.

Parkland, Fla., student is turning her sadness into action.

Conspiracy theories always arrive after a mass shooting in America. The Parkland school massacre was no different.

Some fear loud noises. Some are sleeping in their parents’ beds, some not at all. Deep down, they’re kids trying to figure out how to feel about a massacre that killed their friends.

The Parkland shooting has been followed by a remarkable level of activism — and a push, led by survivors of the attack, to stop future mass shootings.

Past bills addressing mass shootings have gained little momentum, but activists hope this time is different.

Alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz had been a member of the group, which aims to teach leadership, teamwork and service.

Before the shooting that killed 17 people and injured 16 more, there was supposed to be playoff basketball game Thursday night. Now players are wondering how they will ever take the floor.

The FBI said that a month before the rampage in Parkland, Fla., it failed to act on a tip about the suspected gunman's potential for such an attack.

The team also donated another $100,000 to the general victims' fund.

On social media and in official news releases, most Democratic senators have shied away from specific policy recommendations.

After 17 were killed in a Florida high school shooting, high schoolers around the country can't help but wonder if it can happen to them.

A new editorial calls for reviving an assault-weapons ban, an idea the tabloid said made sense “only to the ignorant” just four months ago.

Lulu Ramadan's first response might have been disbelief. But it wasn't. Instead, she thought, “Oh, God. Again?"

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