Quince evokes mystery and magic as heat turns the fruit from woody to luscious

Cooking quince feels like witnessing a small miracle, as it turns a sunset palette of rose-orange shades while poaching.
  • 24 minutes ago
(Rey Lopez for The Washington Post/Food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)
(Rey Lopez for The Washington Post/Food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)

Poached quince stars in this kale and herb salad with a punchy dressing

Iceberg lettuce, kale and quince deliver varied texture, while fresh mint and cilantro give it bright flavor.
  • 24 minutes ago

Rosy poached quince and goat milk pudding pair for a stunning fall parfait

The creamy pudding and the squash-like texture of the quince are a nice contrast.
  • 24 minutes ago

Skillet lasagna with spinach and zucchini delivers a rich, cheesy supper in 40 minutes

You whip up this skillet lasagna on the stovetop in much less time than it takes to make a traditional version.

Fall produce is here! Let’s talk about how to pick, store and cook with it.

Send in your questions to The Washington Post Food team, and we’ll help solve your cooking quandaries and share our latest recipes.
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2021 Fall Dining Guide

Post Food critic Tom Sietsema's 48 favorite restaurants of the year in the D.C. area.
  • Oct 6

5 brie recipes that celebrate the cheese’s gooey glory

Let it brie -- add it to omelets, throw it into sandwiches, bake it in puff pastry.

How to check your oven’s temperature, and what to do if it runs hot or cold

Get an oven thermometer, learn the quirks of your appliance and be willing to call in the the pros when there are signs of trouble.

Marhaba’s stellar Middle Eastern cooking deserves a permanent spot at Tysons Corner Center

Marhaba, a Middle Eastern counter, is a temporary addition to Tysons Corner Center, but it deserves to become a fixture at the mall.

This white chili with butternut squash brings comfort and balance

When you want food that comforts physically and emotionally, try this white chili with butternut squash and quinoa.

7 apple recipes for baking pies, cakes, tarts and more

Whether you're in the mood for pie or cake or something else entirely, these apple recipes are ripe for the season.

5 truths about dieting everyone can — or should — agree on

Nobody talking about diets agrees on everything, but there are some things reasonable people should be able to agree on.

This Argentine white wine, with its honeysuckle aromas, is a standout at $14

RECOMMENDED | Plus, a classic Argentine malbec, two delicious whites from Italy and a French vouvray for a week of tasty sips.

How to peel and cut butternut squash

Prepping butternut squash requires a sharp knife and/or peeler, plus a little guidance.

Something was fishy about this waiter’s sustainable-seafood claims

Readers ask critic Tom Sietsema about "farmed swordfish," bringing outside wine to a restaurant, and call buttons for waiters.

Firefighters scoured an Australian neighborhood looking for a gas leak. They found a durian instead.

Friday was not the first time Australian residents mistakenly alerted first responders after smelling the tropical fruit.

Stack sweet potato planks with chicken, spinach and peanut sauce for a hearty dinner

Each component can be made in advance for a weeknight meal that can be ready in minutes.

How to store apples, broccoli, potatoes and more fall and winter produce

Reduce food waste and make the most of all your cold-weather produce by storing it properly.

Sheet-pan feta with peppers and tomatoes riffs on romesco sauce for dinner

Creamy feta roasts with sweet peppers, juicy tomatoes and almonds for this sheet-pan dinner.
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