WEEKEND KITCHEN | Choose one that suits your skill level; plus, top recipes of the week.

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WEEKEND KITCHEN | Choose one that suits your skill level; plus, top recipes of the week.

BRING IT! | In “slab” formation, its combination of corn bread crust, chili, cheese and corn chips can feed a crowd.

FIRST BITE | Chef Carlos Camacho cooks mother-inspired dishes of his homeland.


Free Range on Food: Wednesday, Feb. 22, at noon

LIVE CHAT | We'll be talking about the merits of frozen food, Japanese home cooking and more. Guests Tamar Haspel and Charlotte Druckman join us.

Want to learn how to cook? Here are more than 300 cooking classes that can help.

Pick from fixed-date courses or schedule a session to fit your schedule: It's time to get cooking.

The 31 best cookbooks of 2016

Listed by categories fit for giving and receiving, they offer scores of recipes worth trying.

Mix and match for the weekend, from our Recipe Finder.

SUNDAY SUPPER | Garlic butter and Parm combine for an easy coating.

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NOURISH | A warm, cinnamon-scented crumble with whole-grain topping works for breakfast and dessert.

Make-ahead options for the week, and slightly more hands-on for the weekend.

They’re easy to create and share with friends, from the Recipe Finder.

2 stars | Neighborhood joint owned by wholesaler does right by seafood — and more

From Iceland, a crunchy, bright finishing salt.

FOOD CALENDAR | The event features a demonstration by Cathy Barrow.

Try these snacks, sides and mains from our Recipe Finder.

DINNER IN 25 MINUTES | Use a small garnish of protein to up the nutrition.

A crop of books aimed at home cooks demystifies this “simple and unfussy” cuisine.

  • Charlotte Druckman
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  • 4 days ago
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WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN | It uses short-grain brown rice — and the oven.

Boycotts of Trump-branded products across the country have had mixed results. Ivanka Trump’s clothing line was pulled from stores, but her perfume shot to the top of an Amazon bestseller list.

SPIRITS | Now’s the occasion for cocktails just as indulgent and over-the-top as the holiday.

Yet 21st Amendment’s Blah Blah Blah is a sweet, balanced brew.

WINE | What you can learn from opportunities to sample different vintages of the same wine.

PICKS | They represent new voices and natural options.

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