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FIRST BITE | The five-year project of Jack Rose owner Bill Thomas is already a hit.

Cozy, pantry- and freezer-friendly meals are just minutes away!


Tom Sietsema’s top restaurants in Washington, D.C.: Fall 2019

Tom Sietsema celebrates 20 years with a bigger-than-ever guide to the city’s best restaurants.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, December 4, at noon

It's all about cookies this week!

The 2019 Spring Dining Guide

A look at 30 newcomers that underscore the allure of the District’s dining scene.

Baked brie doesn't stand a chance.

RECOMMENDED | From champagne to cava, and even to lambrusco, we’ve got you covered.

You might want to save up!

As long as you're patient, you can still do a lot with the smaller kitchen appliance.

A perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee.

It's a one-pot wonder.

Massimo Fabbri, chef and owner of San Lorenzo in Shaw, is still hoping to see the charges dropped.

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1/2 star | The newly accessible House Members’ Dining Room is an august space, but the food and service don’t do it justice.

Fennel should feature more in your winter cuisine!

The power couple owns Fiola, Fiola Mare, Sfoglina and more.

From the crinkle-cut pickles and buttery roll to the insulated sandwich bag, this sounds awfully familiar.

BRING IT | With a little creativity, these delicious candies will delight and impress.

Make them in different thicknesses for spreading, dipping, drizzling and glazing, and they can jazz up your collection.

From coast to coast, we've tested and tasted some of the best of what our country has to offer.

This Jewish pastry is a deli classic in New York.

The nostalgic recipe comes from Southern food authority Edna Lewis.

Thanks, Baltimore, for these decadent treats.

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