2.5 stars | Blagden Alley newcomer demonstrates focus — and a love for chiles and cocktails.

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2.5 stars | Blagden Alley newcomer demonstrates focus — and a love for chiles and cocktails.

Here's a sampling of patios that have opened since the last time you probably felt like eating outside.

By 2024, the fast-food giant says you can rest assured those chicken fries will come from humanely raised birds.


Farmers markets in the Washington area

Pick a day, and find a location near you.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, March 29, at noon

LIVE CHAT | We'll be talking about cooking with spring's ingredients, recipes for Passover and more. Guests Julia Turshen and Joan Nathan join us.

Map: Find a CSA in the Washington area

There are 62 farms around the region offering community-supported agriculture programs, in which members stake a claim on part of a harvest by paying a set fee in advance for shares of produce and more.

Pick a day, and find a location near you.

FOOD CALENDAR | The author will be discussing her new cookbook at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue.

The cruciferous root is known as a good source of potassium, Vitamin C and fiber, so check out these easy dishes from the Recipe Finder.

Enjoy these simple and fast recipes for asparagus, peas, rhubarb, crab and eggs.

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There's no set menu at 50/50 Pizza. Once you spin a wheel on an iPad — and learn the price of your lunch — you can build your own pie from a list of ingredients.

Quick reviews of notable titles to help with Passover Seders and beyond.

DINNER IN 25 MINUTES | A somewhat oddball combination of vegetables and a quick saute yields this casual weeknight meal.

Savory and sweet ideas from the Recipe Finder.

Note to Bon Appetit: This is a crudité platter, no matter what you try to call it.

Fail Chips, a promotional gimmick from an email marketing company, apparently fooled plenty of people.

Here are three recipes that make the most of modern ingredient alternatives, solving the problem of store-bought desserts with “Passover taste.”

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WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN | Deborah Madison’s salad pairs it with sharp, bright flavors.

Six ideas for tacos, salads and more, from the Recipe Finder.

A homebrewer’s experiment ends up being an award-winner, and perfect for spring.

RECOMMENDATIONS | Selections also include pinot noirs from Burgundy and California.

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A group of Tuscan wine producers honors A. Litteri, in the Northeast warehouse district, for its amazing selection.

An Indiana man's Facebook plea goes viral, and his wife turns into a meme, with no response from the company.

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