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An unexpected cheese brings extra flavor to this party.

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If the merger is approved, the resulting company would be the largest Mediterranean-style restaurant chain in the country and one of the biggest fast-casuals.

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It was quick and easy to prepare, and tasted good -- but then regret started to set in.


The 2018 Spring Dining Guide

With so many new restaurants in D.C., who can keep up? Tom Sietsema reviews 30 places that opened in the last year, including his top 10.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, Aug. 22, at noon

We'll be talking about flatbreads for the summer, community canneries, boozy milkshakes, and more. Guest Cathy Barrow joins us.

In an age of high-tech reservation systems, the Lost Kitchen is as old-school as you can get.

The Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine, is one of the most in-demand restaurants in the country. It accepts reservations one way only — by mail.

Time to bulk up that dinner or packed lunch.

WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN | This version adds richness with the cheese and nectarine for sweetness.

You don't need a stand mixer to make the lightest, creamiest whipped cream--with just one ingredient. Shake your way to dessert.

In how they're used, plantains are more like potatoes than their banana cousins.

Sometimes such bans hurt restaurants' business; sometimes they improve it.

Could I learn to confront huitlacoche, the fungus that grows on ears of corn?

Because it's easy to get stuck in a same-old-recipe rut.

RECOMMENDATIONS | They include a stellar Chianti to help wow your guests.

WINE | The idea smacks of the 1980s, but when done right they can be perfectly refreshing.

SPIRITS | Unlike a Pink Squirrel, these cocktails aren’t tooth-achingly sweet.

Make some flatbreads this weekend! Plus other ideas for weeknight eats.

Now is the time to invest in one and stop guessing whether your food is actually done.

Che Fico is a Cal-Ital stunner with stellar pizza and no tasting menu in sight.

Give fritters a chance.

NOURISH | You can play around with the fruit/herb combo, and dilute it as much or as little as you want.

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