Known for their tart, sour edge, deep-red cranberries transform into the sauce you know and love from a traditional Thanksgiving spread. Though you’ll usually find them whole, fresh or frozen, around the holiday season, and in juice or dried form year round, cranberries extend far beyond the one holiday.

You can sub cranberries into your favorite blueberry muffin recipe for an autumnal take on the breakfast pastry; add a handful of dried cranberries to a salad or even just take your favorite cranberry sauce and use it instead as a topping for pancakes, English muffins or toast. Or, try one of these recipes from our archives featuring cranberries! And, if the ideas below don’t strike your fancy, check our Recipe Finder for more options.

Cranberry-Orange Snacking Cake, pictured above. Sweet citrus makes a great pair for cranberries. With whole-wheat pastry flour, this cake makes a not-too-sweet afternoon treat. If you like the cranberry-orange combo but aren’t in the mood for cake, try Cranberry Orange Walnut Biscotti.

Cranberry Glaze. When buying cookies, sometimes the brightly colored glazes don’t add much to the flavor. This homemade, bright pink cranberry glaze needs no help with color or flavor! Kids and adults alike will enjoy decorating — then eating — cookies with this glaze.

Apple Cranberry Crumb Pie. From our Baking Basics newsletter comes this pink-tinted apple pie, which owes its hue to whole cranberries!

Cranberry-Ginger Punch. Tart cranberry with ginger and sparkling wine make for a bright, festive drink for any occasion you feel like celebrating, whether it be a socially distant picnic or dinner with housemates.

Pumpkin Cranberry Waffles. If you ever need an excuse to whip up some waffles, here you go! Warming spices plus sweet pumpkin and maple syrup work well with cranberries.

Chewy Cranberry, Millet and Pistachio Bars. Puffed quinoa or rice could sub for the millet as the crispy foil for chewy dried cranberries.

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