Turkey may have the throne, but it’s the sides that rule Thanksgiving, especially when you don’t want to be beholden to seemingly never-ending leftover turkey. It’s rich, cheesy casseroles and vegetables of all kinds prepared in all sorts of ways that get us extra excited about the holiday.

Start by making a list of what you need on your table and what you could do without. For some, that’s an updated take on green bean casserole. For others, it’s a tray of baked macaroni and cheese or a platter full of roasted vegetables. Of course, if you must have it all, you may need to shrink some recipes — luckily, ours have a scale feature!

Read on for sides for gatherings of any size.

French’s Green Bean Casserole With From-Scratch Mushroom Sauce, pictured above. Ditch the can of cream-of-mushroom soup and make your own simple mushroom sauce for this clever twist on the classic casserole. But please, keep those French’s Fried Onions on top.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Apples and Sunflower Seeds. Roasted Brussels sprouts are a classic, but in this recipe they get freshened up with apples and a quick apple cider vinaigrette.

Patti LaBelle’s Mac and Cheese. Patti LaBelle once served Elton John this mac and cheese, and boy are we jealous. But you too can have this incredibly decadent, ridiculously cheesy mac in your own home!

Vegan Braised Collard Greens With Miso and Smoked Paprika. This recipe brings the umami and smoke of the Southern classic without the meat.

Corn Pudding. This simple and light corn pudding is a perfect side dish for a busy holiday season.

Vegan Celery Root Mash. This lighter take on more traditional mashed potatoes showcases the celery root and lets it shine without dairy.

Squash and Apple Gratin. Firm, sweet apples perfectly complement butternut squash, and both get topped with garlicky breadcrumbs for a savory crunch.