Turkey, oftentimes, necessitates a little bit of gravy. But even if you choose to forgo the giant bird for dietary reasons or crowd size, you still may want gravy to dress your potatoes, soak up with a dinner roll or smother your sides just because you can.

There are so many ways to make gravy, too. We’ve got gravy recipes you can prep in advance and finish on the day of, we’ve got gravy you can make last minute, with or without alcohol, and with or without roux. Follow along with Becky Krystal’s guide to turkey gravy, or G. Daniela Galarza’s primer on how to make gravy with whatever you’ve got this year.

Then, dig into these gravy recipes from our archives.

Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy, pictured above. Start this gravy as early as two days before you roast a bird! Then, mix the drippings in on the day of.

Chile-Pecan Gravy. This has been a very different year, so do something different with your gravy. Add earthy pecans, Scotch bonnet chile and cumin for a gravy that’s anything but boring.

Cider Herb Gravy. Add more fall flavors with plenty of apple cider and a splash of apple brandy. You can make it all, minus the pan drippings, two days in advance. And, you can easily halve the recipe for a smaller crowd.

Roast-Turkey Gravy. A very dark roux makes for a complex and delicious gravy.

Lentil-Miso Gravy. The miso adds nuttiness and a boost of salt to this vegan gravy; pour it over roasted vegetables for a serious flavor boost!

Vegan Beans and Gravy. This gravy with dried mushrooms and beans is full-flavored and totally vegetarian. It can honestly be a meal in and of itself!