Even if you celebrated on a smaller scale this Thanksgiving, you might still find yourself wanting something lighter or feeling a bit stretched thin in the kitchen. In those types of situations, when I want something simple, thrifty and fast, I frequently turn to eggs.

They’re hard to beat for convenience and versatility. Eat eggs any time of day in almost any way you want. Here are five recipes from our archives that are easy to put together and take well to ingredients you may already have around the house.

Sheet Pan Frittata, above. Gather up whatever scraps of vegetables or cheese you have for this family-friendly dish. It goes well with a salad or inside a sandwich. Prefer round edges? Try this Anytime Frittata.

Tortilla Egg Wraps. These delightful handheld rolls are also adaptable to your choice of fillings. They’re a great way to finish an open package of flour tortillas.

Spiced Bread Egg in a Hole. Even slightly stale bread — I’ve made this with loaves other than the called-for rustic or sourdough — will shine in this skillet meal. Mix up the spices to suit your taste and pantry.

Fried Eggs in Breadcrumbs. Here’s another way to use up stale bread. The crumbs are crisped in a skillet before the eggs go in.

Heritage India’s Spiced Scrambled Eggs. There’s heat from chile peppers, along with some fresh tomato and onion flavor in this vibrant dish. Again, adapt as your produce bin and spice shelf allow.

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