New Years celebrations were never really my thing, but if there are good snacks around, you just might find me there. This year, parties may be pared down to housemates or strict pods, or even outdoor, spaced out affairs, weather permitting. No matter the structure, a few choice bites are a must.

The below recipes can be easily set up for socially distant outdoor gatherings, if that’s the route you’re taking, and will make a tasty start to the New Year. Check out our Recipe Finder for even more snackable ideas.

Spicy Caramel Popcorn. A bit sweet, a bit spicy — it’s almost like a wish for the New Year. Portion into bags so no meet-cutes occur at a popcorn bowl.

Figs With Goat Cheese, Pistachios and Mint. If you’re looking for something that sparkles, this pretty appetizer fits the bill. Bright citrus and mint, plus a drizzle of glossy honey hits the light — and the palate — just right.

Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Is it really a party if there isn’t spinach and artichoke dip? This lightened-up version, from Nourish columnist Ellie Krieger, is brimming with all of the tangy cheesy flavor you know and love.

Warm Chipotle and Black Bean Dip. If you like your dip spicy, smoky chipotle pepper adds a punch to creamy black beans.

Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms. This super-simple party item would be easy to set up for a socially distant event.

Roasted Feta With Grapes and Olives. This gorgeous, nuanced dish is absurdly simple: Just combine everything and bake until the grapes deepen in flavor, fennel seeds release their aromatics and briny feta and olives mingle into a perfect bite.

Simple Sesame Cake. It’s a party, so why not have something a little sweet? No need to build a layer cake when you can have this glamorous but simple snacking cake at the ready.

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