Bivalves — clams, mussels and oysters — can seem intimidating if you’re not used to cooking them. But they don’t have to be: Simple recipes and bold flavors below can help grow your confidence in getting this shelled seafood from the store to the plate whether you’re an experienced seafood-confident cook or a total novice.

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Classic Mussels Mariniere. Food writer Martha Holmberg put together a guide to cooking mussels that can put any trepidation to rest. With her simple how-to, you’ll be able to get this classic French dish on the table quickly, and Holmberg provides a couple of flavor twists to play with when you’ve mastered this recipe. Then you can even try letting your oven do the work for Oven-Steamed Mussels.

Larb Gai Mussels. In a bath of coconut milk, fish sauce, lime juice and chiles, these mussels take on aromatic, herbal qualities.

Fried Oysters With Garlic Rice. Crisp up some oysters as you listen carefully to them sizzle, then serve them over some garlicky rice.

Classic Grilled Oysters. Get these oysters shucked by your fishmonger, or shuck them yourself and toss on the grill.

Clam and Chorizo Stew With Grilled Bread. This warm and spiced stew is excellent for chilly evenings.

Soupy Spanish Rice With Clams. Cook the clams and rice separately, then combine for this full and flavorful meal.

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