Sometimes, fried food is the best food, New Year resolutions be darned. Whether that means perfectly crispy breading or the fluffiest doughnut, a dip in hot oil can make certain foods shine (sometimes literally).

If you’re in the mood for a good fry, check out this selection of recipes in all their glory. You can find even more recipes that benefit from a deep fry in our Recipe Finder.

Classic Fried Chicken, pictured above. How could we not include fried chicken, a king amongst fried foods? For a twist, try Federal Donuts Za’atar Fried Chicken.

Crispy Herbed Falafel. Yes, you can learn the art of falafel at home with this straightforward recipe.

Fried Oysters With Garlic Rice. The only thing better than an oyster is a fried oyster. Listen for the sizzle and serve atop garlicky rice.

Salted Tahini Doughnuts. Sweet, fluffy doughnuts with a tahini icing — yum. You can get this kind of fluffiness only from a fry.

Pork Milanese With Gribiche. This pork milanese is audibly crunchy — and very quick.

Sweet, Spicy and Crunchy Korean Tofu. Double-frying your tofu means a sturdy crunch that won’t dissolve in this balanced sauce.

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