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This Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t help but wonder, which ‘Sex and the City’ character will you most eat like?

(Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post/Food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)

This year, we got the news: “Sex and the City” is coming back. The show, a 10-episode look into the women’s future, sans Samantha (can there really be a show without Samantha?), makes us think of the ubiquitous magazine quiz of the era: Are you a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha? Since Valentine’s Day is coming up and this is the Food section, we’ve paired up each character with a menu that would fit their style (if not their culinary expertise). And, of course, read up on Spirits columnist M. Carrie Allan’s input on the Cosmopolitan, the drink that SATC made an enormously popular trend.


One thing every fan of the show knows is that Carrie does not cook. Carrie claims to be a simple gal despite, at one point, owning $40,000 worth of shoes and thriving on drama, and that’s how she ended up with emotionally unavailable, debatably handsome, wealthy Big, who thinks he can cook. If the world is your stage, if you would do anything for a designer drop, and if you believe in fantasy over everything, this is what your Big would make for you, because it’s what he would make it for himself:

Seared, Slow-Roasted Steak. A quick, extra hot sear plus a low and slow roast in the oven produces a luxurious steak.

Martini. A classic, elegant martini speaks to glamour.

How to make a martini your guests will love — or at least love to argue about

Chocolate Lava Cakes for Two. Only Carrie can see Big’s warm center. Maybe we’ll never see it, but you can have chocolate lava cake and imagine it.


Is your idea of luxury just simple, delicious things? You’re Miranda, and this is the menu for you. The thing about Miranda (and this menu) is that even though she is a hard-working perfectionist, things tend to go awry, but she still manages to get through with humor and flexibility. If you falter a step in any of these recipes — sometimes a pizza doesn’t slide cleanly onto the pizza stone, or you splash a little extra gin into your glass, or you need to halve the brownie recipe — everything will still be delicious.

Sourdough Pizza Margherita. Your Steve would probably take the lead on this one, and you both would laugh at any stray splatter of tomato sauce. A very simple make-ahead dough gets topped with classic tomato and cheese. If you want to try interesting toppings, try Whipped Ricotta Pizza With Figs and Walnuts.

Gin and Tonic. If you’re not reaching for your favorite small-batch beer, you’ll enjoy this crisp gin and tonic.

Ultimate Brownies. Fudgy, thick and chocolaty, these may just be the perfect brownies. You’ll have more for later, too, and if you have a high-velocity career like Miranda, you may just need those.


Charlotte’s unwavering belief in love drives the series forward, despite her original rigid set of rules about how love could unfold. If you truly believe in love in all its forms, strive to be as sweet and kind as possible, and like nice things, you’re a Charlotte. Everything in this menu is pink, because let’s be honest, she would find it cute.

Broiled Salmon With Mint Relish. A quick flash under the broiler, plus a citrusy relish makes a picturesque dinner. You may even like to pair it with Coconut Rice.

Pomegranate Fizz. Bright and festive, with some bubbles, this cocktail is tart and tasty.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Fool. Charlotte’s a fool for love, but this attitude leads her to her imperfectly perfect happily-ever-after. This soft and sweet dessert is the right ending for this light meal.


Samantha’s most important line of the show was “I love you, but I love me more.” We salute Samantha’s dedication to herself, and if this Valentine’s Day is all about you, we salute that, too. Samantha’s not one to cook either, but she would obviously have gorgeous snacks around and a fully stocked bar cart. You could also check out dining critic Tom Sietsema’s top places to eat and Dave McIntyre’s suggested rosés and order yourself something nice, because if you’re Samantha, you already know you deserve it.

Roasted Feta With Grapes and Olives. This simple appetizer requires very little effort to put together and tastes far greater than the sum of its parts.

Manhattan. Samantha would treat herself to the proper ingredients for a proper Manhattan.

Pecan Mocha Truffles. This super-simple recipe wraps a heady mix of coffee, pecans and dates in chocolate. Of course, Samantha probably wouldn’t make her own bonbons, so check out this guide to ordering luxurious chocolates.

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