Pi Day is nearly here, friends, which means some sort of pie is in order on March 14. But what kind of pie?

The options are truly endless. There are so many types of pie, from sweet to savory, with lattices or without, with smooth fillings or plenty of texture, hot or cold, baked or no-bake. And, of course, there’s the matter of serving them up, with condiments, whipped cream or ice cream.

Below you’ll find a small sample of the long list of pie recipes from our archives. Of course, if you don’t see the right pie for you, head to our Recipe Finder to find the pie of your dreams. Or check out last year’s selection of tasty pies!

Caramel Apple Pie With an All-Butter Crust and Painted Cutout Topping, pictured above. Apple pie is considered a classic type of pie. Make it better with a caramel-apple filling and a picturesque painted cutout topping. This one is designed with autumnal leaves, but you can cut out any shapes you like — such as the numbers in pi!

No-Bake Coconut Cream Pie. Don’t even turn on that oven. Just pile a creamy coconut filling into a chocolate cookie crust. Keep it in the fridge for a nice cool slice of pie whenever you want. You technically could bake the crust if you felt like it, but you don’t have to.

Craving more custard pie options? Try Lemon Sponge Pie and Magic Key Lime Pie.

Chocolate Cream Pie. This pie is a testament to love. When food writer and cookbook author Allison Robicelli met her husband, she learned about his quest for the perfect chocolate cream pie. So she perfected this one.

For more chocolate pies, check out Jenna’s Devil’s Food Chocolate Oasis Pie and the aptly named Chocolate Pie.

Curried Chicken Pie. Let’s get this savory golden pie in the mix, with warm curry powder and aromatic coconut milk. Tons of veggies add heft, making this a tasty lunch throughout the week. You might consider swapping out chicken for chickpeas if you prefer a vegetarian version.

Hash Brown-Crust Veggie Pie. Get creative with your savory pies — in this one, the crust is made from frozen hash browns! An eggy filling rounds out the breakfast experience.

Other vegetable-heavy pie options include Onion Pie, Sweeney Todd Vegetable Pie and Greek Mixed Greens Pie With Phyllo Crust.

Banana Split Sundae Pie. If you’re going to go through the effort of making a pie, why not an over-the-top pie? With three layers of ice cream flavors, whipped cream, chocolate shavings and maraschino cherries, this is one showstopper pie.

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