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Bake bread this weekend and enjoy sandwiches all week with these 6 recipes

White-Wheat Sandwich Bread. (Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Washington Post/food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)
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What’s one thing that can make a good sandwich great? The bread. Homemade loaves — or biscuits and other bread-adjacent goods — will take your appreciation of a humble meal to a whole new level.

How to upgrade your favorite sandwich

The weekend is an ideal time for baking. So consider dusting your hands in flour and taking on one of these recipes from our archives that will help you eat well for the rest of the week (or beyond, as these will all freeze well). I’m including some sandwich suggestions with each option to inspire you, too.

White-Wheat Sandwich Bread, above. This loaf made with white whole-wheat flour is milder and lighter in color than bread made with traditional whole-wheat. Even novice bakers can master the recipe. Try in: Crunchy Raspberry PB&J.

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Pillowy Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls. While you’ll be tempted to eat them straight off the tray, these tender puffs make for lovely little sandwiches or sliders. Try with: Blue Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Sliders.

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Flaky Butter Biscuits. Biscuit sandwiches are high in my sandwich echelon for morning, noon or night. These are sturdy enough to stand up to your choice of filling. Try with: Sheet Pan Frittata.

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No-Knead English Muffins. Here’s another beginner-friendly recipe that requires more time than skills or equipment. Try with: Homemade Sausage McMuffin With Egg.

Sourdough Bread (Due Pane). Our team loved this recipe for tall, crackly boules. (Want to make a starter? Follow these instructions.) Thin slices will work well in sandwiches. Try with: Spicy, Smoky Turkey Sandwich.

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Best-of Bagels. Many readers have raved about our bagel recipe, and maybe it’s time for you to see why. Try with: Classic Egg Salad.