It’s happening! The “Friends” reunion is happening. Called “The One Where They Get Back Together,” the special starts streaming on HBO Max on May 27. It’s not a new episode, but cast reuniting to share behind-the-scenes footage, callbacks to jokes from the show, some of our favorite side characters (Janice), and more.

We pulled recipes from our archives that connect to the main six characters and their story arcs. (The sitcom is streaming on HBO Max, too, if you want to relive any of these moments.)

Scroll on below for the recipes and memories! Honorable mentions to jam, cheesecake, lasagna and crab cakes — if you know, you know!


Ah, the fateful moment when Joey, crammed in the back seat of a cop car with Ross and Chandler, hears a gunshot (car backfire) and leaps over Ross. Not to save Ross, though, no. Joey was trying to save his sandwich.

We get it, and you can too when you make Campono Meatball Subs. The best part of the revelation is when Joey gives Chandler a bite of the sandwich as an apology, which is especially poignant because JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD.


Monica dreamed of being the mom who made perfect chocolate chip cookies, and wanted Phoebe’s grandmother’s recipe. After testing dozens — hundreds? — of cookies, it turns out that Phoebe’s grandmother’s cookies were just Nestlé Tollhouse.

“You see, it’s stuff like this which is why you’re burning in hell!” Phoebe shouts at the floor when she learns of her grandmother’s deception. We’re not going to give you the Nestlé Tollhouse recipe, but we’d like to offer these Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies instead, which are fantastic.


Monica is the glue that holds this group together, and she’s also somehow a professional chef. In Season 7, she makes candy to give to the neighbors for the holidays and the neighbors love it.

This ends up backfiring; the candy is so good that the neighbors go crazy and keep demanding more, which makes people-pleasing Monica happy — and stressed as they come knocking at all hours, screaming for candy. From the show, we can tell the candies involve chocolate, and look a bit like these Bring Joy Coconut Chocolate Candies, which will certainly bring joy to your life.


Chandler hates Thanksgiving because it’s when his parents announced their divorce and infidelities to him. When he comes over to the Gellers for Thanksgiving for the first time, Monica makes him macaroni and cheese for dinner. He likes it and tells her she should be a chef, which sparks her eventual career. The next Thanksgiving, she drops a knife on his toe while trying to seduce him with … a box of macaroni.

You’ll see him in an earlier season also requesting and getting mac and cheese for Thanksgiving, too, so you can make Patti LaBelle’s Macaroni and Cheese in his honor. We know it’s not Thanksgiving, but you’ll want this ultra-cheesy and rich mac and cheese for any special occasion.


We cannot write about the food of the Friends universe without recalling Rachel’s iconic fumble with the trifle. Poor Rachel! We’re so proud of her for making a custard from scratch that we can’t be that mad about the beef in the trifle.

Would Rachel be able to make a Caramelized Blood Orange Tipsy Trifle? We believe in her, and you. Please read the instructions carefully, please trust your gut and please don’t add beef sauteed with peas and onions to this. Please.


If your favorite character is Ross, why? Here’s a Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Po’ Boy. It’s moist, which was so important to Professor Geller. Again, we are aware it’s not Thanksgiving and that you probably don’t have the ingredients for this, but if you seriously like Ross the most, a recipe cannot help you.

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